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How To Grow Your Business On LinkedIn
November 16, 2020
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November 20, 2020

Zoom Announces Unlimited Video Call Time On Thanksgiving

Zoom, the video calling app has announced it will be lifting its 40-minutes limit on video call time on Thanksgiving, the 26th of November.

Zoom took to twitter to give the announcement on 10th saying, “As a thank you to our customers, we will be lifting the 40-minute limit for all meetings globally from midnight ET on Nov. 26 through 6a.m. on Nov. 27 so your family gatherings don’t get cut short. #ZoomTogether”.

Over the pandemic, the tech company gave a lot of businesses and schools the platform to continue their operations online through its video calling services that can host up to 100 participants by default and 1000 participants with large meeting add-on.

The platform offers a free service plan and a premium service plan. The free service plan offers free virtual video meetings lasting a maximum of 40-minutes which the participants will have to start another free meeting.

Paid plans range from $150-$200 per year for unlimited meeting minutes.

On 26th through 27th however, users on free plan can host meetings for an unlimited time. This announcement came after the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention updated its guidance on small gatherings during the holiday season to control the spread of the coronavirus.

According to CDC, the main guidance is assessing the levels of Covid-19 infections in communities to determine whether to postpone, cancel or limit the number of people at a celebration or whether to attend certain activities.


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