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Top Best Instagram Accounts To Follow For Marketers
August 30, 2019
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How Is Artificial Intelligence Going To Change SEO Forever and For Good?
September 11, 2019

Why is Every SEO Guy is Going Crazy About Quora?

SEO is more profound than the sea, wider than the horizon of planet earth and ordinary than a theater actor. And when they talk about quora, things go quite wild in the SEO scene. 

Most of our visitors ask this same question, why SEO teams all around the globe love Quora so much?

Some would also argue that it is a stupid ritual, a bandwagon, if you may, which one should drop now at all the costs. 

While on the other hand others claim that it is an excellent idea for getting ranking more straightforwardly. Let’s dive in then: 

Umm, Easy Exposure?

Quora, if you know, has a good SEO team, and has a top-three ranking for most of the keyword. 

When you are answering a question and linking out to your own website, you will not only get more audience; your target keyword is appearing on the first page. 

The whole race of coming on the first page is because people want their people to check their businesses. 

And we do not have to bleed establishing the already established fact of the importance of coming to the first page. 

Brand Awareness 

Brand awareness is the reason behind social media’s boom in the market and their transformation of billion-dollar platforms. 

Quora is excellent for spreading brand awareness if you give an informational answer, people would read and rate it higher.

All one has to do is to hide his/her company’s agenda in the answer while giving away the information.

Meanwhile, being funny in your answers is also known for making answers and spreading brand awareness.

Great Inbound Marketing Tool

People trust quora and see it as a reliable source of information. Another plus, which is in favor of quora is that it is connected with social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, giving it a more realistic touch. 

Now, when you are talking up your business on the quora, people feel that information is 100% true too. 

Trust me, making people believe that your content is genuine, is the hardest thing to do. 

Quora Links Are Crawled Too

Crawling is when Google spider is sliding into your business, to see what you have to offer. 

It is something that makes a significant impact on the ranking game. Fortunately, Google digs the quora thing, and its crazy spider crawls in that too. 

If you know what backlinking is and what good or bad links are, you love quora, as it counts as a very reliable backlink. 

Bottom Line

So, these are our arguments in the favor of quora and almost all the possible reasons behind SEO teams posting on Quora. 

Ask any digital marketing agency in Nigeria about it; they probably are going to tell you almost all the points the same.

The part about Quora I almost forgot sorry, it is free, and all of your answers pretty quickly get a publish ticket.

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