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Want to Get More Organic Traffic? Simply Don’t Get Your Website Ranked

Oh!! I want to rank my website in the top three spots. Shit!! I lost the top spot. #1, top spot, higher SERPs rankings. Businesses get crazy about ranking their online websites higher on Google search results. So much so that they forget about the real reason behind coming to the top of the search results — Organic traffic. 

Understanding that the sole purpose of SEO is to get exposure to organic traffic will help to find the right ways to generate organic traffic. The following are the reasons where you should not be on toes for ranking your websites. 

When Competition is Too Much 

SEO is all about using the right keywords in the right places. For that, sometimes, you offer to sponsor some content. For instance, if you are looking to rank a particular keyword that is ranked by niche related websites often poses a lot of competition. So, ultimately, it starts affecting your brand as a whole. But, if you reach to those authoritative sites and offer them to sponsor any of their content. It might work wonders for you. 

Other than that, you can offer guest posts on their website as well. This will help you gain credible links that will earn credibility for your website. Thus, improving your domain and page authority automatically.

When there are issues with the site’s ranking, turning to those content strategies will help to build website traffic on the whole. 

When You Are Competing Against Big Brands

When you are competing for visibility for your content over a bigger brand, SEO could be a tedious job. For instance, if you are looking to dominate SERPs against a bigger marketing brand such as Moz or Hubspot, start using branded keywords in a way that they start making your brand stand out among others. 

This will create an opportunity for improving your organic reach better than others. Also, give your content a boost by retweeting, sharing, and liking them over different social media channels. Also, you can take advantage of any big news or formal announcements by these brands and make them a story on yours. This will help to get some visibility in the niche that was not at all possible to reach before. 

When You Are Trying to Stand Out For a Local Area

When you are trying to make a mark on local websites such as Yelp, MenuPages. Optimize them in a way that your website’s content is in sync with them. This will create the credibility and authenticity of your online business over different trust sites. Hence, more traffic significantly. 

When You Need Video to Engage Your Customers

Google searches prefer videos for a lot of search queries. So, competing against videos using written or plain text content will not be beneficial for you in the long run. So, either start creating videos for your services or products or start capturing leads by becoming an influencer. 

Either way, you will be able to generate organic traffic tremendously and by multiple folds. 


Website ranking is significant — no doubt in that. But, what will be the use if you will not have the desired organic traffic that will drive your sales. So, understand the bottom line results and plan your strategies accordingly. You can also consult a top social media agency in Nigeria to generate the desired outcomes sooner. 

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