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Use These Off-Page SEO Techniques to Boost Site Ranking

For a website to appear in the top search results, it’s important to design a customized SEO strategy. Rather than just working on the site itself and correcting the parameters such as content, meta tags, alt tags, etc., you need to focus on promoting it on other online platforms. This is called off-page search engine marketing. If you don’t know the ABC of search engine marketing, you can hire a reputed digital marketing agency in Nigeria. However, you can also try some of the best off-page SEO techniques to bring more traffic to your site and boost ranking. Let’s discuss in detail.

Top Off-Page SEO Techniques to Boost Traffic & Ranking

Guest Blogging

It’s one of the most effective off-page SEO techniques as it helps in building quality links. When you write a guest post for a site, it allows you to link back to your site in the author bio or anywhere in the post. This will make your site’s backlink profile stronger. Additionally, guest blogging helps in reputation building as the name of your site & brand are featured on other sites.

To implement this technique, start searching for sites that accept guest blogs. Before writing a guest post for a site, make sure you check its Alexa ranking and the regions/countries it is getting traffic from. It’s not a good idea to build links on sites that don’t have relevant content or traffic in your target region. So, do comprehensive research before doing guest blogging. Contact a trusted digital marketing company if you need any help regarding guest blogging.

Use Social Media

Social media presence is necessary when it comes to site ranking. To make Google and audience like you, you need to stronger your social media game. Every time people mention your brand, it will count as links, thus improving the search engine ranking.

Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram are the popular social media platforms, which allow businesses to interact with their potential customers. So, make sure you have active accounts on these sites. Post images and videos on your social media accounts regularly, and ask your customers for likes, shares, and comments.

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is important. It’s an excellent off-page activity, which can help in driving organic traffic to your site.

How to do blog commenting?

There is a wide range of articles and blogs posted on the internet. You can comment on them and add your site link. However, you should do blog commenting strategically. Don’t focus on brand promotions only. Try to provide answers to the questions asked in the previous comments and build the trust of people. 

When commenting on a blog, give your insights about the things covered in it. Don’t comment on posts that are not relevant to your business.

Question & Answer Sites

Another great off-page search engine optimization technique is to be active on question & answer sites. You can find a lot of questions asked by your potential customers on these sites. Just provide the relevant answers, and place your site link at the end.

Some of the best question and answer sites are-

In conclusion, proper on-page and off-page SEO can help your site achieve a top position in the search engine result pages. It’s important to build links on different sites for building brand reputation and generating more traffic to your site. Guest blogging allows you to build quality links on sites that are already getting heavy traffic. Posting images and videos on social media platforms can help you connect with more potential customers and increase leads.
Hire a reputed digital marketing agency in Nigeria for designing an effective search engine marketing strategy for your site.

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