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April 13, 2020
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May 6, 2020

Top reasons why your Facebook ad campaigns are failing

Facebook ads are great. With a multi-billion strong user base, an advanced platform, and targeting options, Facebook sounds like the perfect place for online marketing. In spite of that businesses are not able to scale results. So, what goes wrong? For starters, you can hire a top social media agency in Nigeria to figure out what’s the issue.

Facebook is as not as easy as you imagine

If Facebook has all the glow, why are businesses struggling to pitch an influential presence? We are not discounting the fact that it’s a great place to promote online business but the truth is that Facebook ads are not as easy as you imagine them to be. Social media is a platform that excites businesses. Most make careless mistakes that harm their campaigns even before they are launched. Presently, Facebook ads are getting really competitive. So, you cannot afford to make mistakes. If you are following the wrong approach, you might be spending a lot of money but without any good results. Well, there are various reasons why you might be failing. 

1) Not testing your campaigns

Starting a campaign on Facebook is fairly easy. You can start paying for the ads and watch the audience convert. It’s almost like plug and play. Facebook has designed the whole campaign process such that it seems like a breeze. You set up a campaign, launch ads, and see the results flowing in. 

Well, this entire process is not what it seems to be. Creating a campaign might be easy but following a specific strategy and targeting is a bit challenging. If you are looking for good results, you need to test everything. There are various aspects of a campaign and you can split test each of them to get a fair idea of what’s working for you and what’s not. Every campaign has different parts such as creative, delivery optimization, audience, and placement. Each of these has an effect on the success of your campaigns. 

If you run a split test, you can get an idea of what kind of messages the audience is responding to and other key aspects. You should understand that Facebook advertising is not guesswork but it takes a calculated testing strategy to figure out what’s working for your business. 

2) Targeting a small audience

Facebook provides a very detailed targeting mechanism. Most businesses think that if they are specific in their marketing approach, it would be successful. Well, as a general rule, if you target a small audience, it’s easier to be specific. With this entire mechanism of Facebook’s targeting options, advertising should be a piece of cake. Well, the truth is that Facebook is not a search engine where people search for places to eat or shop. 

What does this mean? Even if your targeting is specific, you will only be able to reach a small audience. With low numbers, you won’t be able to generate results that you want. Starting with audiences less than a million won’t drive results for your business. You need to target above 5 million with a proper messaging strategy to make things work for you. 

3) Not focussing on long-term results

Many businesses think that generating a response from the audience is fairly easy. People will see, click, and convert. This might work for some businesses but for most companies, it’s not that easy. As mentioned earlier, people don’t use Facebook to buy a product. It’s majorly a social media platform that people use to socialize. So, it’s not easy for platforms to develop drive an immediate response from the audience. 

You have to be practical and assume that almost a very small percentage of people will see your ad and convert. It won’t really work the first time you run a campaign. It’s a hard pill to digest but that’s how it is. People will learn about your business gradually and see what you’re offering. Instead of directly focussing on sales, you should try to drive interest in your audience. Let them familiarize themselves with the brand. This will help you figure out what’s working and you can create an ad strategy that converts. As you see the interest is increasing, you can get more specific and target the sales. You need to target long-term results and not focus on generating an immediate interest. If you follow this strategy, things will work out for you.  

4) Focussing on the wrong values

For a successful business, you need to figure out what interests your audience. This is the first step that you need to take. If your audience is converting, you need to know why they are converting. What’s making them respond to you? Most companies don’t have an idea about what their customers want. This creates a gap and eventually, the audience loses interest. You need to promote the right set of values that the audience can relate to.

When you create an ad copy, it should be compelling with the right design and message. You should be clear enough about what you’re promoting and how the audience is benefiting from your product. It’s not just about advertising, you need to understand your customers’ needs. The value proposition is very important and you should test your ad to see if it’s working. Accordingly, you can adapt and formulate a strategy that continuously drives results for you. 

Take help from an expert

If you are unable to drive results for your business, it’s better if you take an expert’s help. Social media agencies are the apt choice for that. They have the knowledge and expertise about what’s working in the industry and they can help you carve a strategy that works. The mechanics of advertising are always evolving and the experts keep a close eye on what’s working. So, it’s logical to connect with a good agency and explain to them about the business model. 

The key to this is finding the right social media agency. There are multiple companies that claim to offer results but all are not worth the money. Some offer their services really cheap with an aim to get a customer but you should understand that good results are not easy to achieve. So, even if an agency has pricy plans, don’t tick them off. They might be the right choice for you. Before selecting any agency, it’s important that you gain insight into their working prowess. Have a look at their portfolio and request information about their past clients. If everything seems satisfactory, pin your choice on the best one. 

With the help of a top social media agency in Nigeria, you can surely give a new direction to your Facebook ad campaign. With the right strategy, you can definitely drive results for your business.

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