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October 19, 2020
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Top Design Tools and Tips for Your Social Media Visuals

Visuals have now become an integral element of social media marketing. Through technology contents have shifted from being completely text based to graphics based.

Visual contents have now become the currency of social media. As audience engage more with graphics, their attention span drops day by day in reading texts, they’d rather watch videos and view images.

Visual contents now help brands pass across their message in a precise and engaging way.

Brands now use graphics design softwares to repurpose textual information into eye catchy and enticing visuals – infographics, slide decks and charts.

Luckily there are a lot of design tools right now that make it very easy to make nice visuals. They do not need expert design skills and most of them offer numerous templates that can be used across all social media platforms. Some of these tools are;


canva home page

Canva is a graphic design platform that allows users to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, document and other visual content.

It is free and has thousands of templates to choose from. It is available as a web app, mobile app and desktop app. Its drag and drop feature makes it very easy to be used for designing visuals.

It allows images to be easily inserted and rescaled, it has a wide library of colors, photostocks, videos, illustrations and icons both, free and paid, that you can easily pick from.

Canva also allows you convert your files it different formats and dimensions. It offers a lot of preset sizes and layout for the foundation of your design for you to choose from. And the tool offers tutorials as well as guide to using its app.


Pablo Buffer

This software was created by Buffer which is a social media scheduling tool. It is free design software with a range of features.

Although it has only a few features but it gives a good number of lovely templates and photos that are best suited specifically for Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. It allows adding and editing blocks of text and has a good collection of nice fonts for use.

Gravit Designer

Gravit Designer

This is a free full-featured vector graphic design app that works on all platforms – Web, Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS. If you are not conversant with design tools but need more functionality than you can get from a tool like Canva, this maybe the tool for you.

This tool is ideal for building your own designs from scratch. It also has a few templates for blog posts and social media images for you to start with. It also has a library of shapes, illustrations and icons.

This tool is great for designing vectors and UIs which are great for infographics. It also offers a cloud storage –Gravit Cloud that enables you backup all your designs.



Snappa makes it easy to create any type of online graphics for social media, blogs, ads and more.

It has a list of brilliant features which include a library of design templates, free high resolution stock photos, effects, background image remover, graphics resizing, and scheduling of graphics for posting.

This is a web based tool. It is great for everything from promoting a pop-up shop to letting a readers know about your latest blog post.

Although they also have a library of templates like the others, they put more emphasis on getting background image just right.



This is a free design app that helps you get your points across with fewer words. It allows its users to annotate images with arrows, shapes, text and more.

If you want to take screenshots or make specific photo collages in a how-tutorial that you’re writing, skitch would be great for you.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark Post

This is an online mobile design app. It is used to easily create stunning social media graphics, short videos and web pages that make. You stand out. It comprises of 3 separate design apps;

  • Spark Post;

This is for social media graphics. It enables you add text and apply design filters or animations to a photo or blank page to make up a complete design.

  • Spark Page;

This is for web pages. It enables its users give a  beautiful interface to a web page that can be easily shared through a direct link.

  • Spark Video;

With Spark Video app, you can easily add photos, video clips. Icons or your own voice to a project. You can also select from a library of professional quality soundtracks and cinematic motions.

Spark also provides you with a whole library of professional templates to select from as a starter for your design projects. These templates are sorted by industry categories, design type and size. You have templates available for different kinds of social media posts like Facebook covets, posters, etc.

Tips for Creating Good Social Media Visuals

  • Use the right image sizes;

Social media platforms each have different sizes and dimensions for their visual content. The right size for an Instagram post is 1080 by 1080 which is different from that for Instagram Story, Facebook cover and others.

Using the wrong size could lead to parts of your content being cropped out. Luckily most of the design tools listed above do the sizing for you, you simply have to select the platform you want to make a design for.

  • Text Styling;

Less amount of text performs better than a graphics filled with a long line of texts.

Choose the right and simple fonts, avoid using a lot of design fonts.

Your text should be bold, concise and very easy to read. The font color should be visible from the design at the background. Overlaying the text with a dark shade over an image is a good practice.

  • Theme

The series of visual graphics you design for contents should be set around a specific selection of colors or color theme. Avoid using so many different contrasting colors on your social media page.

Having a color theme gives your page character and your audience eventually identify you with this theme.

When picking your colors, you should have your logo in mind. Pick a color that matches well with your logo and brand message.

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