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Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience with an objective to drive profitable customer action. You might be familiar with the saying: “content is king.” As more and more people are going online to get answers, content marketing is even more important in your business’s success. The number one secret of content marketing is adding value, the truth is that people tend to skip adverts that has no value, If you are unsure how you can add value through content marketing, one sure way is to ask your existing customers what kind of content you can produce that would be helpful to them now, or would have been helpful to them when they were looking for your product or service. I am sure they will be happy to tell you.

The Importance of Content Marketing
The Importance of Content Marketing

Why Choose Content Marketing?

Why is content marketing important to your business, to know this we need to understand the four steps of the buying cycle:

Awareness: Before being aware, most customers have needs but are unaware that a solution exists

Research: As soon as a customer is aware that a solution exist, they will perform research to educate themselves. For example, a house buyer will try to look at several houses, to know which one will fit their needs.

Consideration: At this moment the customer starts comparing different products from different sellers to make sure they’re getting the best quality at a reasonable price.

Purchase: Finally, the customer makes their choice and decides to buy the product

Old-fashioned advertising and marketing is great when it comes to the second two steps but content marketing taps into the first two stages of the buying process by raising awareness of answers and enlightening consumers about a product they may have never thought of before.


The following are sure ways your content marketing can become more efficient so as to improve your patronage and increase profit tremendously.

  1. Possess a Plan

Endeavor to have a plan before you do anything else in your content marketing, as this will make your content more targeted and its production more consistent. Understand what your company’s general objective is for the content, know what the purpose of each kind of content will be and its significance to readers. Once you have researched your target audience, you’ll have a clearer picture of what content to write, the tone of the content, and when and where it should be posted.

  • Know your audience

Your sales and conversions will be up to expectation if your shared contents with customers are on subjects they can’t identify with. While writing for your audience, make sure your content remains relevant to the industry you’re in, focus on how your company’s products or services can help in solving a consumer’s problem. You can use different analysis tools such as Google Analytics to get an idea of the demographics of your website visitors.

  • Mix up content.

There are many ways you can share content online. Text is one of the best and most sought form of content, but there are also variety of things you can do with images and video in Content Marketing. Video is becoming a popular content medium that companies are starting to utilize more. By having a variety of content, you increase your company’s chances of reaching more people in your diverse target audiences.

  • Optimize your content.

It would be wrong to not discuss using keywords to optimize your company’s content this is because content, like other aspects of digital marketing, is enhanced when it is correctly optimized for search engines. To make your content more effective, try to target one or two keywords in a piece of content. For text content, this is easy to do. For images and videos, however, more work is involved. For posts with videos and images, always use keywords in the title, headings and topic introduction or summary.

  • Examine and Improve

It is imperative to experiment and test which content gets you the most traffic and generates the most conversions. Regular analysis of your content will enable you to see the patterns in what content clicks with your audience. You can then use this as motivation for additional content ideas. Then, when you notice what works, you will also notice the kind of content that doesn’t work.

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