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April 30, 2020
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Use These Strategies to Connect More Customers on Facebook

Wondering why your competitors have so many likes, comments, and shares on their Facebook posts? Want to increase engagement and reach of your Facebook posts? If so, you are landed at the right place. While paid Facebook ads are a quick way to achieve this goal, you can also increase your follower’s count and boost engagement organically by implementing some simple strategies. If you need professional help regarding growing your Facebook audience, you can contact the best social media marketing company in Nigeria.

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Read on for top tips to boost your Facebook organic reach.

Build Your Presence & Trust

Growing your presence doesn’t mean you should focus on increasing the number of likes on your page. This will not provide any details about the performance of your Facebook content. What matters is the authority to persuade your audience to take the required actions.

You need to work on building a strong presence. Post relevant social media content, reply to the comments, and be consistent. You should build a customer persona for Facebook considering audience insights. For that, you need to get answers to the following questions-

  • What are the major problems of your potential customers?
  • What are their interests?
  • What do they think about your company or industry?
  • What are their goals in life?

Know Right Time to Post

When would you like to post content on your Facebook page? Yes, you get it right! When your more potential customers are online. This will increase your reach, thus helping you grow your audience.

Imagine you share a website blog on Facebook at 5 am. By the time your followers wake up, your post will move at the bottom of the news feed.

Check Facebook Insights to determine when your audience is online. However, you can check peak times or days.

Posting on Facebook when your target customers are more likely to browse the channel will increase your organic reach.

The best way to increase the chances of your content show up is to post right before the peak hours. Why so? Because this will enable your audience to see your content first when they click on the Facebook app. For instance, if the optimal time is 7 am, you should post at 6.45 am.

Decide Posting Frequency

In addition to determining what and when you should post on Facebook, you should also decide how often you should post. Well, it depends on your audience and industry. There isn’t a one-size-fit-all type plan.

Also, it depends on how your audience engages with your posts. For example, you are posting three times a day on your Facebook channel. If your audience engages and actively responds to you, that means you are building a strong presence. On the other hand, if your followers get tired of seeing your posts, it will create a problem, thus you need to reduce your posting frequency a little.

However, you should do comprehensive research and run tests at least two weeks to evaluate what’s right for your business. Check Facebook analytics to learn how different posting frequencies affect your organic reach.

Post High-Quality Content

Content is king. Thus, another important tip is to post high-quality content on your Facebook page. Do more research on your target audience, problems they are facing, and their relevant solutions. Create posts considering the findings. It will make a great impact. While scrolling down the Facebook feed, people will pause on your post and read. Remember, your content should create a “wow” impact on your audience. If you become successful in this, your post will get maximum likes and shares, thus more reach.

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When creating posts, make sure you limit your ask, because every post need not to be promotional and should contain a Call to Action (CTA). Instead, create a mix of content with both promotional and non-promotional posts.

Run a Contest

Another killer way to get your audience interested in your content is to run a contest and announce a prize to the winners. This will attract more potential customers—after all who doesn’t want free stuff?

Contests make more people like and comment, which increases the engagement, thus reach. For example, you can post a funny picture and ask your audience to give a caption. This will stimulate more responses and move your post at the top in the Facebook feed.

When designing a contest, make sure the content is engaging and the prize is related to your business. You can provide a product or service. Additionally, you should encourage the audience to interact with the post by commenting, liking, and sharing it. This will help your post reach maximum customers.

Before posting the contest on your Facebook page, you should read guidelines for promotions on pages, groups and events.

Go Facebook Live

Facebook live is one of the best ways to increase reach. It provides you the opportunity to interact with your audience, answer their questions, and get feedback.

Expert marketers say that live videos receive six times more interactions with the audience. People love to get live updates, and they spend more time watching live videos than regular videos.

Before starting a live video, there are many things that need to be considered to build a customized content strategy. You need to build a perfect Q&A format, allowing customers to get relevant answers to their questions.

However, you can try different formats of Facebook live and stick to what brings you the maximum reach.

Additionally, you should post updates about your upcoming live videos, posts, contests, etc. to keep the audience informed and excited.

Get Employees Engaged

To grow your audience, you need to reach maximum people. You can encourage your coworkers to like, share, and comment on your posts to increase popularity.

Research says that branded messages that are shared by employees get about 561 percent more reach. Thus, asking your employees to share your content will make it get seen by a wider audience.

In addition to sharing posts on their own profiles, you can ask your employees to comment on the posts right after you post them. This will signal to Facebook that an interesting piece of content has just posted, thus it will bring that to news feeds of more users.

The Takeaway

Reaching more people on Facebook has become tricky, but it’s possible. You need to be savvy to get your posts listed at the top in news feeds of your audience. Creating content considering your potential customers’ problems and their relevant solutions will help you boost engagement and grow your audience.

Other factors that affect Facebook engagement and reach are when you post, how often you post, Facebook live videos, and contests. Work on these factors, and they will benefit your Facebook page and your business as well.
If you need professional help related to increasing Facebook reach and growing audience, hire the best social media marketing company in Nigeria.

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