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6 Reasons Your Business Should Be on YouTube in 2020
December 10, 2019
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December 24, 2019

Social Media Tips to Incorporate in Your Social Media Strategy

Social media is one of the most fun places to be at, at this point in time. It is continuously growing; everything from protests to selling is taking place on the internet, and for one to survive, they need to pay heed to these trends.There are two ways you can be on top of the social media game in the upcoming year- one is either by working with the Best Social Media Marketing Company in Nigeria or going through our list of trends you need to be careful about in the forthcoming year.

So, here are the trends you need to take care of in the upcoming year.  

The Rise of Influencer Marketing 

Just going by the forecasted trends, some marketers have predicted that there is going to be a stark increase in the influencer budget for the upcoming year. Consumers are no longer attracted to the uber-polished ads that show up on their feeds but instead are now looking at real people reviewing goods without any affiliations. So one now needs to target niche influencers who have an organic following that trusts and supports them.

Social Media has been the lifeline of the startup culture, and now with micro influencing where agencies don’t have to spend as much, it becomes easier to level the playing field.


You can now make purchases directly on these sites, and that does not seem like a trend that will be dying anytime soon. There is no longer the need to move from the social platform to another site. All the information is collected on the platform and the goods are then delivered to your house.

Even though just the larger, more established brands have been using this strategy, the development of social media tools will now give smaller brands and even startups the power to invest in the right place.

Stories Are Here To Stay

Instagram might have copied the feature from Snapchat, but the truth is that all the other platforms have somehow managed to leverage the functionality better. You have Instagram, Facebook, and now even YouTube has its version of stories.

These stories have a broader reach, and the opportunities to connect with the audience has also increased. You have real-time polls, Q & A sessions, and not so polished of an end product that resonates with the audience. Since they stay for less than 24 hours, you are also mostly capitalizing on the currency of the fear of missing out.

AR Is Now Mainstream

AR has been evolving, and now the programs behind creating AR are finally available to the general public. The potential of this technology is endless, and with the barriers of entry coming down, every brand wants to help in the creation of augmented reality.

Practically you already have companies who are using this technology. Just look at Pokemon GO, and you would see the implications there are for future companies.

Customer Service 

The prevalent saying was “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” it has now turned into “Hell Hath No Fury as a customer scorned.” Customers now have all the power to considerably harm your business if you don’t take care of them. 

Real-time replies and enhanced customer support is no longer a privilege you extend but rather a necessity you need to put out for your company to survive. Chatbots are the answer to the problem of real time replies and customer support. 

If you are following these trends then great, if you aren’t, then now would be an excellent time to revise the strategy for the upcoming year. 

Like we said earlier, it is always easier to just work with the best social media marketing company in Nigeria to get the results that you want from your strategy.

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