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How do Social Media Influencers Bring Brand Engagements?

Heard of social media marketing? If yes, then you must know how challenging it can be to find a target audience for your niche market. Especially if you are new in business. But, you can easily find professional support by hiring the top social media agency in Nigeria. 

Nowadays, one advertising tactic that is in vogue is influencer marketing. 

I have envied social media influencers, primarily for the freebies they get every month. From trendy clothes to brand trips. Who wouldn’t want that? If you follow the ongoing trend of influencers, you probably know what I’m talking about. 

Apparently, it’s not just a tactic for developing jealousy among viewers. When you see these influencers wearing body hugging jumpsuits or sipping a health tea. It is enticing you into buying or at least clicking on their website. Basically, now you know a brand exists. 

It is a clever marketing strategy. Even I’m guilty of spending my salary on face masks.

Here are some reasons why influencer marketing works:

It’s quick 

A brand is nothing without its customers. That’s why one of the foundational aspects of social media marketing is targeting its audience. Usually, this process involves plenty of tests and research. With influencer marketing, your efforts are cut by half. Since you already have an audience, all you have to do is know what the influencer stands for. Know their followers’ demographic and if they match your targets.

Not on your face

Do you often click on ‘skip ad’ ?
I bet you do when it interrupts Taylor Swift’s new music video. 

What about when Taylor Swift is in the ad?  You probably would stick around. 

This is essentially how influencer marketing works. Brands sponsor several people on social media. Generally, ones within their niche market and with enough followers. And send them some products as a sponsorship. Since the sponsorship is part of an influencer’s content, audience will acknowledge it. 

Builds better brand-customer relationship

Nowadays, people find social media influencers to be more relatable than movie stars. Precisely, 70 percent teenagers. At least that’s what Google says. The bond between an influencer and his followers is so strong that it can break the internet. Literally.
Here’s an example.

Shane Dawson is a successful youtuber who is primarily known for conspiracy videos. He suddenly decides on launching an eyeshadow palette and it sells out in 30 minutes !

Also, when an influencer uses a product, it works as a review for the audience. Since viewers trust who they follow, brands get enough engagements.

Improved rankings

Content marketing has back-links, social media marketing has influencers. Brands do not restrict themselves to one type of social media celebrity. This is to improve a product’s reach.
When your favourite instagram influencer puts up a story of a new lip kit in town, you will click on the link. Whether it is to view a brand’s story or to buy the product. 

The best part?

SEO. More clicks mean better rankings on the search engines. 

Successful ROI

Numbers can be deceiving. 

More followers doesn’t necessarily mean more engagement. A study also proves that efficiency of sponsorships decreased with an increase of followers. So it’s all about finding the correct lot of influencers. This ensures increased visibility thereby more conversions. That is what a brand is looking for. Return of investment. 


Ever since the inception of internet, marketing on social media platforms rose remarkably.  Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or Tik Tok, advertisements crop up at every click. But, getting brand engagements can be a task. It’s more technical than you think.
If you are looking to improve your brand engagements, you need more than just influencer marketing. Hire a top social media agency in Nigeria and let the professionals handle it.

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