10 Reasons why social media is important
10 Reasons Why Social Media is Important
November 14, 2019
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November 27, 2019

Social Media Advertising Tips Every Content Marketer Must Follow

Getting your content noticed isn’t as easy as it seems. Changes in Google’s search algorithms have made site ranking quite difficult, especially in the highly competitive markets. If we talk about social media, organic reach is almost dead. Half of the content gets no shares. And, recently, Facebook announced not to show your content to the users who don’t have interests related to your industry. So, what’s the alternative to increase leads and sales? The answer is social media ads. By hiring the biggest social media agency in Nigeria, you can increase traffic and sales of your products. However, you can learn the social media marketing hacks, which can help you boost sales.

Improve Quality Score

Quality Score refers to the number Google uses for rating your site in terms of quality and relevancy of keywords used. It influences the CPC. In the Facebook world, it’s called a Relevancy Score.

Improving Quality Score is important. And, you can do so by increasing the post engagement rates of your social media profiles. 

Getting a high score enables you to get a higher impression share at a lower cost. On the other hand, with a low score, you will get a low ad impression share, but at a high cost.

Generate Clicks From Ads

Engagement is important when it comes to running ad campaigns on different platforms such as Twitter. You need to pay for every user engagement, such as profile view, hashtag click, image expanding, etc. If you’re doing that, stop right away. Instead, pay for things that matter most for your business. These can be app downloads, followers, website clicks, video views, etc.

Let’s take an example when you run a followers campaign on Twitter, you pay when someone follows you. But, along with that, you will get impressions, retweets, mentions, replies, etc. So, always be strategic with your social media advertising campaigns, and have an open discussion with your social media marketing agency.

Increase Engagement

Targeting everyone on social media is a waste of money. After all, everyone has different interests, values, and preferences. For example, if you are selling products for the auto industry, then it won’t be good to show your social media ads to individuals who are related to other industries.

Understanding your audience and targeting them for your social media ads allow you to increase engagement rate, thus earnings.

Promote Your Content On Social Media Channels

You might have posted a wide range of posts, images, videos, etc. on your social media accounts. Have you promoted them? Might be not. So, consider promoting them now.

Generating unique, new content is fine, but repurposing also plays an important role in generating traffic. For promoting your existing content, you can use sites such as Reddit, Digg, Hacker News. Getting more upvotes will help you increase exposure.


Are you able to convert every lead? Of course not. Targeting audience that once visited your social media profiles and website is a great way to boost your sales. Truly, it increases engagement rate by three times and conversion rate by two times. So, make the most of it.

Analyze your sales funnel comprehensively, and use remarketing techniques to push app downloads, sign-ups, and offers.

In conclusion, social media advertising is one of the best online marketing methods to drive sales. To maximize returns, you need to practice some strategies. Improve your quality score as this will help you get a higher impression at a lower cost. Try to learn about your audience and target specific users who can help you boost conversions. Promote your content on Digg, Reddit, and other platforms to increase exposure.
Hire the biggest social media agency in Nigeria to design an effective strategy for your business.

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