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5 Simple Ways To Write Captivating Introductions?

Ask yourself one question: How long do you stay on a page? The funny part is by the time you even begin to think about the correct answer to this question, half of the people have bounced from this page to another. And the rest of the half, still reading might scroll halfway and leave the page. This also means, I have lost most of my traffic and the few loyal readers that I am left with, will stick with me only if I am successful at keeping them informed and hooked until the end. So, I should better get going and try to keep as many users engaged as possible while I introduce you to one of the major facets of an engaging blog post – powerful and strong introductions. Which by the way I have learned when I was personally working with the biggest social media agency in Nigeria. 

Keep your sentences short

To be honest, I was never a big fan of short sentences. Of course, until I realized that people on the internet have short attention spans. Interestingly, as we speak of online content, especially the one that is published on online platforms

has to be short, precise, interesting and grammatically sound. In fact, you should look at the writing techniques of famous marketers. For example, take Neil Patel. If you read his blogs, you will see that most of his blogs have short sentences. So, this means that in order to write great and captivating introductions you have to keep the sentences short. 

Also, he believes that short sentences are easily read and understood. However, writers like me and you often end up writing longer sentences. The reason being that we are trying to create an outstanding introduction. Now, the trick here is that readers want short and understandable sentences. First, because longer sentences will be hard to read. Second, the reader might not continue to scroll. And third, the reader will bounce away. So, make sure you begin with short and less complicated sentences. 

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Hook your readers with something unusual 

I am sure you often get to hear “write something that hooks the reader instantly.” Now, what does this mean? Simply put, it means that you have to think out of the box. Write something that immediately captures the reader’s attention. And most vitally ensure that it is contextually strong. So, begin with something that is unusual. In other words, give a reason for jumping to the next line and the rest of the blog. 

Personalize your introduction

The best way to keep your readers hooked is by personalizing your blog. Now, what do I mean by blog personalization? It is simple, all you have to do is introduce words like you and you are at least once in the introduction. This way your readers will feel a connection with the author. Not only this but the biggest social media agency in Nigeria believe that personalizing builds the emotional facet of a blog. This, in turn, is necessary to keep your readers coming back for more. 

Tell your readers what to expect in the blog

The introduction has to be short and concise. However, you can write 1-2 sentences about what your blog consists of. It is similar to informing someone in advance. For instance, this article will consist of some fascinating facts about Los Angeles. Or else you’re about to find interesting facts about Los Angeles in this post. So, build a layout for your introduction and don’t forget to mention what your blog is all about. 

Tell a story but be careful

The biggest social media Agency in Nigeria suggests that you should tell stories in the introductory paragraph but at your own risk. In other words, you can use storytelling to spark readers interest and empathize with them. However, you need to remember that readers should not lose interest by reading something else and not what they came looking for. Also, you need to keep the introductions short while telling a story. All in all, a story type introduction should be captivating, related to the topic, and short. Keep all these points in mind before writing an introduction and if you have any new ideas let us know in the comment section below.

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