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October 11, 2019
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October 25, 2019

Should You Use H1 Tags If They Are Not Vital as per Google?

Google says that it does not matter whether you use a single H1 heading or multiple H1 headings in terms of ranking your websites in the search results. To make businesses get a more clear picture, the Webmaster Trends delivered a session #AskGoogleWebmasters explaining everything about the same topic. 

What Was The Stir About?

As per the details shared by Google, they mentioned that their bots were not picky about H1 headings or tags, whether you use one or multiple of them. For them, it is just a piece of text. In other words, Google confirmed that they never relied on these tags to understand the structure of the content of any page. 

So, why is still any fuss about H1 being the most important element of any page? Moving ahead to explaining the entire situation and how can H1 tags be still useful for your content in terms of relevance and readability. 

What is The Importance of Headings? 

Headings hold great importance when it comes to understanding the context of the content posted on your website. It makes your content or website easy for your customers. They can directly navigate to the areas they are looking for. 

If you don’t know, websites are a part of the Americans with Disabilities Act. So, that makes headings pretty much important for making the content easier to understand. Accessing your data comfortably is how heading tags help every user to understand what’s going on at your website. 

Skipping or ignoring these tags will make your website or your content completely messy. Whenever used by any disabled person, one can easily recognize the code and read it as a heading. Screen readers are equipped to navigate through headings. Thereby, making your content much more readable as compared to the content with no such tags. Hence, making your website user-friendly, thus indirectly helping you to rank websites higher on the SERP results. 

How Are H1 Tags And SEO Linked?

Even if certain elements indicate H1 as the lease important entities when it comes to ranking your websites. There are a lot of situations where H1 tags actually work for you in terms of bringing your content and websites higher on the ranking list. You need to have a unique or good headline to engage a user on your website or a blog. That’s how you can ensure conversions. Otherwise, what will be the point of doing all this. 

In short, it’s not always about SEO. Google is all about customers and making everything user-friendly for customers. So, if you are providing content that is meant for your users or customers online. Yes, you would rank higher than your competitors. It is important to understand the context of your text. That’s how headings come into play. 

How to Make Heading Tags User-friendly?

It is very easy to increase the readability factor of your content by using the following steps.

Make Sure to go For a Single Tag Per Page

Some people will argue about this. They will think that header H1 tags should be more than one. But, if you are thinking from the context of users, one Header makes more sense. Thankfully, WordPress comes with the same feature of adding a single H1 tag per page. So, enter your text, and you are good to go.

Make Sure to Use Less Number of H2 Tags Per Page

Never litter your content with a lot of H2s. They will make your content a little less meaningful. So, if you are writing or posting an article of around 1000 words, don’t go beyond 4 H2 tags. They will serve the entire purpose of your content. 

H1 and H2 Tags Must be Descriptive

Try writing down your headings on a list of paper. This will help you to understand what you are going to write on a particular page and if that is feasible from the user’s point of view. It might be affecting SEO directly. But, it will be helpful as an indirect call to action that will help you reach higher in the search rankings. But, H2 holds importance in terms of relevance. For SEO, they hold the very least significance. 

Headings tags are important maybe not from Google’s point of view but from your customer’s point of reference. So, start using it accordingly. 

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Whether H1 tags have any importance or not depends on what you are trying to aim. If it’s solely for SEO, then you must think about other means as well to make your content or website search-friendly or ranking higher in the SERPs. Otherwise its mostly used to understand the context of your page of content or make it more user-friendly.

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