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January 2, 2019
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Influencer Marketing is a way of connecting with people who have a strong fan base and great knowledge and expertise on a given topic.

Below, you will see the top reasons why you should make them part of your business strategy.

1. They already have their own base.

The most important reason is that they already reached their own audience. And where the influencer goes, their audience follows.

2. Make your ads more personal

They give life to your ads, putting a human face behind them. Influencers actually make your ads more personal and seem more real.

3. Very organic reach.

They create very high engagement with their own audience. Instead of just having the numbers up, they often communicate and speak to them. This means the reach you get with their influence will be completely organic.

One of the best examples of this is the campaign for Bedrock Real Estate in Detroit. The aim of this company was to make an ad showing that Detroit is improving, that it’s getting better, and that people would like to get real estate there.

They did this by getting local influencers (the rapper Big Sean being among them) to get the word out. These influencers made an unscripted video showing their support for Detroit, sending a positive message.

4. They do wonders for your SEO

Of course, you first need to get all the easy SEO basics down before you start focusing on an influencer. But, once you do, know that any hyperlinking, blog sharing and posting, YouTube hashtags… all of these, done by an influential figure with lots of followers, will definitely improve your SEO needs.-

5. Strengthen brand awareness.

A social media influencer will really make your brand more popular. People who have never even had contact with your company will suddenly place an order, all thanks to the fact that an influencer mentioned you a couple of times.

6. Drive traffic.

Thanks to their influence, they will drive traffic onto your website and social media pages. Whenever they mention your brand, you will see smaller or larger parts of their audience flock to you.

7. Advocate for your brand.

If you’re having trouble, you should perhaps hire a professional social media management company to help you out. Otherwise, an influencer’s voice will be enough. They can advocate and represent your brand, being outspoken on just how good it is.

8. Grow your social media following.

Everybody and their mother knows that social media is an excellent marketing tool for any business. Influencers are perfect for this because most, if not all, of their audience is on the most common social media platforms. Some of the people they bring will also stay in your camp.

9. Better ROI for your business.

Because they are so influential, your return on investment for anything you do will slightly increase. This is essential because they widened your audience so much.

10. Help with leads.

Leads, or potential customers, are almost automatically converted when an influencer mentions your brand. It’s the little things that matter.

11. Increase your reach.

All these influencers have their own audiences. This means they will bring them over when they get attached to your own brand. And this, in turn, means that you will get more people to flock to you. Not to mention targeting markets you didn’t know you could.

M&M’s got an insane outreach when they started an ad campaign centering on getting a new M&M flavour. They let their customers vote on the topic.

Now, this may not seem much, but they had a brilliant idea of hiring influencers to act as campaign managers and staffers for each flavour (chili, honey, and coffee). Not only did they get some outreach with their original idea, they also got some backup from the influencers’ audience.

12. Get better sales.

Just the draw and magnetism that these people add to your brand means that you will notice your sales skyrocket.

13. The competition is already ahead of you.

You need to know that as the days go by; this tactic is getting more and more popular. Most likely, your competitors are already ahead of you.

14. People look up to social media influencers.

Social media influencers are often admirable people. They have probably found great success in their given fields. That’s why people look up to them. If you connect them to your brand, they will see your company as a trustworthy one.

15. Reach a specific niche.

A good social media influencer will help you target an audience you never thought you could. They all specialize in something, and this will just give you a nice foot in the door for the next level.

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