20k Twitter Campaign
December 11, 2017
100k Twitter Campaign
December 11, 2017

50k Twitter Campaign


Did you just post a tweet and nobody gets to tweet or like your content and makes you feel not recognized on your page?  Ignoring this twitter promotional campaign for your tweets will make you not relevant to people and brands out there.  I indulge you allow us work on your twitter posts and see your tweets meet it’s full potential by getting a constant amount of real Nigerian retweets

This campaign pack includes:

  • 50k Real Twitter Followers
  • 50-100 Nigerian Retweets And Likes (Max. 4 Tweets a Day)
  • 20-50 Unique Hype Tweets per Day

Add your Twitter link below and leave the rest to us, for further clarification feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help

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Here’s Why Nigerian Twitter Campaign Is 100% Necessaary:

Nigerian retweets make your tweets look up to standard. Retweets have the ability to make your followers love you more, retweets bring in more traffic for you especially if you have a website which also can make you trend too.

The psychology behind retweets

There’s a big difference between liking something and loving something. A favorite is when you like something, and a retweet is when you love something enough to post it directly on your own account. A retweet looks almost exactly the same as a regular tweet.

An adequate number of retweets on all of your posts will make you look popular, but on top of that, it’ll look like people are loving every single tweet that you put out.


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