10,000 Real Twitter Followers
September 22, 2017
50,000 Real Twitter Followers
September 22, 2017

20,000 Real Twitter Followers


● The more popular a Twitter account is, the less resistance people have towards following it. Think about how many people impulsively follow someone Katy Perry – these same people wouldn’t follow a less popular celebrity without thinking about it first.
● With more followers, your content is seen as better than your competitors who all have fewer followers than you.
● Of course, having more followers means that everything you put out will get more eyeballs on it.
● The number of people retweeting your content will grow linearly, leaving you with an extended network of people seeing your content who aren’t even following you directly.

We don’t have to explain it too much – it’s pretty clear that operating a Twitter account with a lot of followers is superior to operating a dead one.

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Twitter users are bombarded with tweets. Some accounts tweet multiple times a day, and when someone is following 100+ people, their feed is filled to the brim with tweets of all shapes and sizes. They only really pay attention to a select few. You have to somehow get attention to your tweets amidst the mass of other ones.

To make sure your tweets are noticed, you can do one of two things – you can start tweeting nonstop, or you can get more real Twitter followers.

Tweeting nonstop works against you – when a person starts seeing the same name over and over again in his feed, he starts paying less and less attention to each individual tweet. On the other hand, if you only tweet occasionally, he’s going to notice – a smaller quantity usually indicates a higher quality. People also get annoyed at spammers – tweeting nonstop might cause you to lose followers. Not good – you need real Twitter followers to increase the amount of people who see what you put out.

The percentage of followers who read your tweets (instead of scrolling past) will remain the same, but since you have more followers, more people will see each one.

Who are “real” Twitter followers?
Simply put, real followers are real people who really use Twitter on a daily basis. They tweet, they share, and they reply to others. These are the types of people that you need following you.

Real Twitter followers won’t drop off over time. As in, once you buy them from us, they’re there to stay. The only exception to this is if you buy real Twitter followers and then start spamming unnecessarily – just don’t spam and we guarantee that they’ll continue following you.

They’ll continue to follow you, and they’ll become a solid base for you to promote to. Just don’t tweet too frequently, keep it within 140 characters, and you can advertise and talk to these people as much as you’d like. And they’ll listen, because they’re real people and not fake accounts.


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