500,000 Real Facebook Page Likes
September 22, 2017
1,000 Facebook Followers
September 22, 2017

10,000 Nigerian Facebook Page Likes


We don’t just offer a number on a page. We offer real Nigerian users who are really interested in your page. They’ll listen to, interact with, and click on your updates. Since we take it slow and steady, they’ll never be rushed into liking your page and then forgetting what it’s about.

It’s a long-term, effective solution for growth on your Facebook page.

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A fan page on Facebook is nothing without an audience. Not just any audience, though – you need people who are actually interested in the updates that you post. These are called targeted Facebook likes because the audience is targeted down to only the people whom you want to reach.

For those with real pages looking to reach a real audience, our targeted Facebook likes are for you. Your page can go from nothing to a bustling hub of activity.

Our quality sets us apart

It’s impossible to remove likes from your page, which means that you have to do it right the first time around. We recognize this need for perfection, which is why our targeted Facebook likes are nothing but the best.

Geo & Country Targeting

Only interested in getting likes from a certain country? We get it. Likes from Thailand are useless if your page is focused around events in the Nigeria. Tell us the country or geo-location that you want likes from and we will accommodate you.

Real users, really interested

This goes without saying, but our targeted likes come from real people who are consistently active on Facebook.

We show our network one new page per day. This ensures that they’re not being bombarded with information overload. If the user decides to like your page, it’s because he or she has carefully gone through it and decided that it’s something he or she is actually interested in.

Slow growth, no drops

Facebook doesn’t like it when you get thousands of likes in a single day. Even if they’re coming from real accounts, Facebook still doesn’t like it. That’s why we gradually space out your likes for weeks (or even months) at a time. (Custom delivery periods are available.)

Custom campaigns

If you’re a real business, then you’ll have different needs from someone who is just starting a Facebook page for fun. We can work with you to space out your targeted Facebook likes around the happenings of your business.


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