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September 22, 2017
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September 22, 2017

100 Real Instagram Comments


If you would like us to include particular hashtags or mentions in the comments we post, please list them in details section when you order.

If you would like to see a preview of the comments before we post them, please mention that in the details section when you order.

Additionally, if you already have a list of comments, we can arrange to post exactly what you want. Please include them in the details section when you order.

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Okay, so you’ve gotten your followers and you’ve received your likes. If all goes well, one of your followers will see your photo, see the likes on it, and then tap it to see the description and comments.

The comments can make or break you on Instagram. If the first comment a user sees is negative towards you, then the user (who was completely neutral up to this point) is going to take on that same viewpoint.

Positive Instagram comments reverse that though process
If you have positive comments, then the user is going to take on the viewpoint of that positive comment. Make sense? It’s not deceptive at all – it’s just playing on basic human behavior.

Comments can backfire, though.

How comments can backfire
If you look around for any average Joe selling cheap Instagram comments, you’re playing with fire.

Positive comments are what you want to strive for. But even if a user sees a negative comment, he still might be on board with the photo – the kneejerk reaction will be to take on the same viewpoint, but humans aren’t mice – we have our own thought processes.

Seeing fake comments, on the other hand, will immediately make the user distrust you. It’ll probably result in an unfollow. There’s nothing worse than being able to detect that someone’s trying to blow smoke up your behind when you don’t have your guard up.

Poor writing = unfollow
Most other companies that offer Instagram comments don’t have native English speakers writing them. They have people from third world countries who have English as their second language doing them. I’m sure they’re great people, but that’s not who you want to put your account’s reputation in the hands of.

At Bets Socials, we hire professional writers. As a quick example, look at this page compared to the pages of other Instagram comment sellers. Theirs will be riddled with spelling errors, poor grammar, and all around mediocre writing. We like to think that ours is pristine, and our writers are skilled enough to make the comments look positive and completely genuine.

Scroll down and make your order. Rest assured, we’ll take care of the comments for you, and you’ll get it done at the same price (or cheaper) than the guys who might ruin your account.


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