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Tips to Optimize Your Videos On Youtube

Did you know that 1 out of every 2 people you see on the internet is probably using Youtube?  Youtube has grown by leaps and bounds to be the second-largest search engine in the world (of course, no one could surpass Google). And why shouldn’t it be? It caters to its audience with the most attention grabbing content- videos. And in more than 80 languages! Most of the people’s Google searches also end on Youtube. So it would be very stupid for any business to not include Youtube in their marketing strategy.

But, you cannot just post a video and hope for the best. There are tips and tricks that even the top social media agencies in Nigeria follow to get engagements via Youtube. So if you are looking to market your brand through Youtube. Follow these tips to optimize your videos and reach a wider audience. 

Get the clicks

Every marketing strategy aims at grabbing attention. So your video on Youtube should be attractive enough to grab the attention and for people to click on it. But how do you do that? Here are some ways to help you out.  

Titles are very important

How do you know what a video is about? By looking at its title. This why your video titles should be able to check a lot of boxes. One, it should be short and catchy. But, avoid click-baiting like most Youtubers. Because while it may get you clicks and sometimes even work. But, if your content is not good enough, it may affect your brand’s reliability.

Two, incorporate keywords in your title. Specifically the first 60 words. Like the location, brand name, product name etc. This will make your titles informative and easier for search engines to know what your video is about. 

Get creative with thumbnails

Another way to grasp attention is by using a thumbnail. Use one which is high definition and catchy to the eyes. Try making it informative with texts and pictures. And if you do a good job, a lot of your clicks will be because of your thumbnail. You can create an association of thumbnails with your Youtube channel. By using a consistent design or using a logo that people will recognize as yours.

Increase your visibility

It is important to get visibility on any search engine. Your content should be easily discoverable. As already mentioned, catchy titles with keywords and clarity about your content type will make your videos easily discoverable. While you must use titles, here are some other ways to increase your content’s visibility on Youtube.

Do not ignore descriptions

Channel and video descriptions are actually very important for increasing visibility. It lets the search engine know more about your content and bring it up on the relevant searches. So use those 2000 to 3000 characters and make it informative. Use keywords and all other essential information in the first 150 words. 

Use tags

Tags are the best way to improve your video’s rankings. Youtube does not have a limit for the number of tags, unlike Instagram. But even then you must be strategic with your tags. Include generic as well as specific tags. Just maintain relevance between your content and tags. 

Make it easy for viewers

Nobody likes to be lost in a pool of content. This is why you must focus on making your Youtube videos convenient for your viewers.

Create Playlists

Youtube allows you to create playlists that help organize your content according to types. So you can make separate playlists for tutorials and product information. It makes it easier for people to find what they want and get more videos related to their search.

Make it Device Friendly

Nowadays, most people use the internet on their phones. So you must optimize your videos so that they can be viewed on mobile phones as well as computer systems without any degradation of experience.

Call to action is a Must

Your video content is ultimately meant to improve sales and increase your customer base. So do not forget to make a call to action in your content. You can do it by including links in your description or at the end of the video. Or even include one in the middle of your content. 

So, these were some of the ways to optimize your Youtube videos. It may take some time and effort but I assure you it is worth it. But, if you think it is a hassle for you, just hire one of the top social media agencies in Nigeria and let professionals handle the job.

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