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April 1, 2020
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April 13, 2020

Are you dealing with low traffic? Or a decrease in sales? Or maybe not enough engagements? Then it is time for you to review your marketing strategies and see if you have let out some loose ends. You can always take help from the professionals and hire the best and the biggest social media agency in Nigeria. And try and fix everything that has been making all your efforts go waste. But, before you go on and work on your improvisations. You must be able to pinpoint the mistakes that are failing your brand in digital marketing. You might be amazed to see that some of them are very common issues and can be easily resolved.

The thing is, marketing your business on the internet sounds like a great idea because it keeps up with the trends and buys you all the exposure you need. And there is no doubt about it being true. But you must realize that digital marketing needs a lot of effort and maintenance to achieve the ends that you dream of. You must be able to make the right strategies, campaigns, quality content and successfully optimize your content. But above all, you must be able to grasp the attention of your audience. And make a connection with them. Business who fail to do so may not be able to see significant growth. And most of the times these failures are associated with some very common digital marketing mistakes.

So if you wish to see how digital marketing helps your business grow. Just avoid these common mistakes.

No clarity of goals

You cannot opt for digital marketing hoping you’ll get engagement, exposure and possibly some conversions. Without laying out who you are aiming your marketing at. It’s like shooting an arrow in the air. And leaving it to fate and destiny for it to land on the bull’s eye. There is more probability of the arrow missing the mark that it hitting the target.

 So what do you do? Well, you find the bull’s eye and then let out the arrow from your bow.

What I mean by this is that you must find your target audience. And to further narrow down your marketing strategies. You must invest in making buyer personas. They are archetypes of what your ideal customers are like. But, totally not based on assumptions. Rather factual data that can be personal, like problems and needs or demographic, like age and location.

This will help you prioritize and personalize your strategies which gives you a higher chance of hitting the bull’s eye.

Ignoring quality for consistency

Most of the digital marketing growth hacks emphasize on being consistent with your content. And yes consistency is key. But, you cannot let go of quality just so you can post everyday. The rule of consistency works only when you combine it with quality. And quality comes naturally when you focus on a purpose for every post. There is no use of aimless social media content. 

So try making your content informative and valuable for your followers. Or try and engage them and build a connection with them. This way your content neither compromises on consistency nor quality. 

Not promoting your content

Even if you work hard on creating some creative and good quality content. It may not reach out to many people. So all your effort goes in vain. This is why it is important to promote your content. Be active on all social media platforms and start promoting. Whether it is the launch of a new product or a new marketing campaign. You must create the hype to trigger the curiosity of people and get them towards your content. 

Create email lists of your customers and keep them posted on any new content on your website. Make content that can easily be shared like memes, GIFs and even Tik Toks. make use of social media features like IGTV, Snapchat filters and even hashtags. Such promotion will help drive traffic and possible leads to your site.

Focusing too much on generating traffic

There are dozens of effective ways that can help generate traffic to your sites like paid ads, keywords, meta titles, backlinks and lot more. But, you can end up making a mistake by only focusing on these strategies to get traffic and not focusing and what you offer. Customers are drawn to your site because they find your brand promising and something that they may need. However, if your offers are not able to fulfil the promise that drew the customer to you. You may enjoy good traffic but suffer from little to no conversions. Which will stop your businesses growth. 

So you must be able to offer good deals to your viewers. Show them how your services will solve their problems. And give them a reason to trust you. You can even start with free trials or free subscriptions for a certain time to gain the trust factor of your consumers.

Not updating your SEO strategy

Search engines are only focused to make user’s experience as easy and convenient as possible. This is why they keep on updating their algorithms to put more relevant and useful content first on the search results. Also, the market keeps changing and so does the needs of the consumers. So all the search keywords also change. Along with this, there are always new trends emerging that engage a more global audience. Like nowadays memes and TikTok are in the hype. So you may need to include that in your marketing strategy and keep optimizing it. 

This is why you cannot sit and relax about your SEO strategies, you’ll have to keep updating it. Otherwise, you may be left behind by your active vigilant competitors.

Not connecting with the consumers

Your business is nothing without your customers. So if you do not pay attention to their problems and satisfaction. Your business may suffer. So you must engage with your consumers and ask for their advice. Listen to them and then make the necessary changes. Connect with them by replying on comments on social media and reviews on your site. Be active with your replies to their complaints and focus on user experience. This will improve your brand’s image and trust among your existing as well as potential customers.

Final Thoughts

Now that the world is a digital place. It makes more sense than ever to use digital marketing for connecting with your audience. However, you may not be able to experience the advantages if you make these common mistakes. So whether you decide to hire the biggest social media agency in Nigeria or employ your team for fixing the issues. When you are able to point your mistakes you can find solutions easily.

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