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What is Sales Enablement? and why does your business needs it?
June 1, 2020
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June 5, 2020

The Most Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

We all can see how rapidly the world of social media is growing, and the users are growing at a massive pace. The number of active social media users has surpassed 3.8 billion users, and it is expected that the number of users will keep on increasing in the future. It feels like the entire world is on social media these days, especially since the coronavirus outbreak. With the help of the best social media marketing company in Nigeria, you can take advantage of social media to help your business grow.

There are many ways in which social media can benefit your business. For example, it can help in building your brand, helping you connect with your target audience and existing buyers, it widens the reach of your brand and adds to its recognition. These are some of the top benefits of social media marketing. But you will get the desired results only if you are doing social media marketing in the right way by avoiding common mistakes. Businesses with a bad strategy tend to fail in getting the desired return from their social media marketing campaigns.

So, when you are creating your social media marketing strategy, you need to take note of some very common mistakes and avoid them. We all must learn from the mistakes other people made, other brands in this case. So, here is a list of some of the most common social media marketing mistakes that you need to avoid.

Mistake #1: Not having a social media marketing strategy

There are still many emerging brands that are not valuing social media marketing enough and not realizing that social media is also business-critical. And this ultimately leads to not getting the desired results. Social media marketing can not help you without a proper plan of action. There are thousands of businesses and brands (even some of your competitors) worldwide using social media in the most effective way. They are reaching their targeted audience and promoting their product in a more efficient way with social media marketing. And the first step to do so is to strategize everything and come up with a plan. 

You should approach social media marketing in the same way as you approach the other marketing campaigns. It is a crucial foundation for everything that comes next. You need to set specific goals, budgets, and a solid plan that will define what you are trying to accomplish. You also need to make a strategy about how you are going to meet your goals, what resources you need to allocate, and how you are going to measure your results.

Mistake #2: Believing that every social media platform is the same

This is undoubtedly one of the biggest mistakes that many brands make. Posting the same content in the same format on every social media platform is a big mistake that you need to avoid. You need to understand that every platform is different and has unique characteristics, features, tools, and strengths. The audience on each platform is also different with varying behaviors, interests, and demographics. 

If you want your efforts to be effective, you need to keep these things in mind and understand the difference between different social media platforms. Make distinctive and tailored marketing strategies for each social media platform. You must not fall into the trap of forgetting that different social media platforms have different audiences. You can also take help from the best social media marketing company in Nigeria to learn more about it.

Mistake #3: Not engaging with customers or followers

The common social media marketing key performance indicator (KPI) is the increased engagement. And if a brand fails to engage with the comments of users on their feed, this gives the impression that the brand is not interested in having a conversation with the audience and community. Your social media team should always respond as soon as possible to the replies your posts get. You may give a reply to the comment of a user on your post or simply like the comment. The more you respond the more your audience will want to engage with you.

See each comment on your posts as an opportunity to increase engagement with your audience. This way you also invite more users to participate. This way you will achieve a higher engagement rate and can also expect more followers.

Mistake #4: Avoiding or deleting negative comments

There will always be some negative comments on your posts, no matter what. But, these negative comments and feedback provide you an opportunity to improve the quality of your service. You can build trust within your brand community. 

There are many brands that choose to ignore the harsh and negative comments posted by a customer who is not happy with the service. Sometimes, brands even try to delete it or give even harsher replies. And this is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. You should instead accept the criticism and give a response with care. 

When someone gives negative feedback, you should thank that user for pointing out the particular problem, and address the issue in a professional way. This way you can turn the complainant into a loyal customer. This means you can boost your online customer loyalty efforts. So, take the negative feedback and comments seriously and resolve the problem(s) your customers are facing. Choosing to respond to negative comments also provides an opportunity for your brand to be transparent with your audience.

The takeaway

If you are just stepping into the game of social media marketing, you are bound to make some mistakes. But, as you grow and learn more about the common pitfalls of social media marketing, the more you will save yourself from making the same mistakes again. You must not expect to get better results just by copying the same strategy every time. Also, do not expect instant success from your campaign. You need to have patience and experiment with different things before you are able to get a good return from your social media marketing strategies.

So, align your goals, take care of every aspect, and make sure that you are familiar with the basics and then build on that. These were some of the mistakes that you have to avoid with some tips. Put these tips into practice and you will get the results you desire.

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