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Struggling in Getting Site Visitors? Social Media Can Help
November 8, 2019
10 Reasons why social media is important
10 Reasons Why Social Media is Important
November 14, 2019

Is Social Media Affecting SEO? Social Media Agency in Nigeria Explains.

Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and LinkedIn. Online users are going crazy over these social media platforms. Is this craze making the traditional SEO practices fade away? Digital marketing agency in Nigeria says the answer could both; Yes and a no. Why is there so much confusion regarding the impact of social media on SEO?

Simply because there is a shift in SEO trends from organic to social. People are reading blogs, articles, newsfeeds that are shared on social platforms than directly from any website. So, if the business does not focus their SEO strategies on social media, it’s possible its online presence will be significantly affected within due course of time.

How Will Social Media Affect Ongoing SEO Practices?

The following are the SEO strategies that will be affected by the advent of social media.

Too much Preference on Link Building

Linking building is definitely important. But, including links that have no relevance or quality will not help you grow. On the contrary, it might affect your website negatively.

Number One Obsession

Digital marketing agency in Nigeria asks websites to put an end to reaching the #1 spot. However, ranking number one does not mean increased website traffic. So, one must focus more on enhancing click-through-rates.

Keyword Stuffing

Earlier, keywords were highly influential to increase your search rankings. However, Google is now searching the intent behind the usage of particular keywords, instead of just matching the actual keywords. Don’t sacrifice your content quality for just a mere placement of keyword. Hence, use keywords creatively instead of just stuffing them anywhere. 

Creating Pages Unnecessarily

The good old myth, “bigger is better” might sound profitable at first, but in reality, Google does not just rank any website based on the number of pages. Instead, going for quality content will be much more beneficial.

Relying on Search Engines Over User Experience

User experience is one of the top priorities that a brand or a company must focus on instead of just investing one increasing the search rankings. While many people keep arguing but social media is prolific and can drive large numbers of relevant traffic to your website. Hence, more conversions.

How Do Social Media Impact Search Results?

There are many ways that a social media strategy can impact your search results. A digital marketing agency in Nigeria will be talking about the factors that will prove its positive impact over SEO.

Social Sharing Drives Traffic to Websites

When you post quality content regularly from your official social accounts, it will garner a lot of likes, shares, as well as comments. And this can eventually help migrate traffic to your company’s website. Hence, can trigger an increase in the organic search rankings. And furthermore, this can enhance your page as well as domain authority in the long run.

Pro Tip- Regularly share links and posts on all of your social media platforms.

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Social Media Profiles Rank In Search Engines

While looking for a business online, it’s likely that its social media profile will pop up in the search results. So, if both website, as well as social media profile, is getting the spot in search results, it will help them take valuable customers due to better online presence.


Pro-Tip- Make sure all the necessary social media profiles are active.

Attracting Links Are Easier with Social Media Platforms

According to Moz, external links greatly influence the authority of websites. Hence, improved rankings in the search results. So, if you use social media to promote as well as share your content, it tremendously increases the chances of website referrals.
To quote an example- Cree, B2B company which sells energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, industrial LED lighting. They used social media to provide valuable content to engage their audiences. With articles with attention-grabbing headlines such as “What happens if a baby holds a Cree light bulb?”, they were able to engage customers automatically. Thereby, increasing their social shares as well as mentions.


Pro-Tip- Create high-quality content for social media to make likable for reading as well as sharing.

Boosts Brand Awareness

Social media has great potential to boost your brand’s presence. However, one must not fall into the trap of being robotic.

Moonpie is an extraordinary example of an otherwise presumed “boring” brand gained popularity because of their different content as compared to other competing brands.


Pro tip- Engage your customers by asking questions or by starting relevant discussions.

Key Takeaways

Social media may not directly affect SEO. However, it is greatly influencing online marketing bottom-line results. As social media usage has exponentially increased from a mere 24% to a staggering 78% today. Therefore, it’s likely that social signals can affect search engine rankings. 
This clearly shows that the rise in social media is not making SEO disappear, but it is giving competition to age-old SEO strategies which will be definitely disappearing in the coming future. So, one must not overlook the importance of social media for their business growth. Digital marketing agency in Nigeria advises that whichever marketing strategy you choose, SEO or Social Media one should understand that consistency will always be the key to develop brand recognition.

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