How Investing in SMM Can Help You Achieve Your Business Goals?
Reach Your Target Audience With Immaculate Social Media Marketing Strategies
September 23, 2019
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Image SEO- How to Optimize Images For Search Engines?
October 1, 2019

Instagram Stories- Tips and Tricks to Build Your Audience

Text, Images, #Hashtags, or Gifs, you have an array of options available to post your moments, memories on Instagram stories. It’s like a new metrics added to let people know something important happened. Or just for the sake of sharing your favorite quotes. Your story, your choice. 

On the other hand, there are businesses or brands that are using Instagram to promote their services or products. Statistics show that more than half of the businesses that are on Instagram aim at creating at least one story per month and are planning to continue doing so. If you are on Instagram and still uphold yourself from creating any story, here is what you need to know. 

“Instagram users are pushing for more engagement with their brands via this content that disappears after every 24 hours.” In addition to that, “nearly one-third of the Instagram stories viewed are business-related stories. So, it’s high time you start engaging with your users using this new feature. Here’s how you can use stories on Instagram to improve your brand’s credibility and engagement online. 

New Products/Services- Say it Out Loud

Instagram stories is a great way to make any announcements. Be it new products, new staff, or any updates. This is also a great way to share any behind the scenes stories or footage. Making it a brilliant opportunity to attract a lot of users online. Your followers will love seeing some funky, out of the box stories to know your favorite brands online. It’s like you are allowing them to peek in your life. Thereby, making you more excited than ever. 

These insights can be anything from packaging a new product or playing a prank on a coworker. This will make you more close to your users. As they will relate to you in many ways. Thereby, enhancing your engagement ratio by many folds. 

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A Way to Collaborate 

Instagram stories give you an opportunity to work in collaboration with other brands and influencers. You can actually team up with relevant brands and influencers and create a world where both of you can prosper together. For instance, within a year, Gretta van Riel improved its brand SkinnyMeTea to more than $500K revenue by offering their products and services to the top influencers. They helped them grow by posting about their brand on their Instagram posts and stories later on. 

A Peek Into Your Major Milestones Story Highlights

Story highlights are a way to create a film about your company’s ongoing campaigns or successful accomplishments in the past year. It is like an extension to your bio that is pretty small. Pin stories to the top of your profile that will make you more worthy in the eyes of the users. 

It will be like a landing page that will make users understand “who you are”, “what you do”, “why is the purpose of your brand.” Create Stories that solve your purpose as a brand. Make sure you make it compelling while grabbing attention at the same time. 

Ask For Your User’s Opinions 

Gone are the days where questions were boring. Now, get your answers in the most creative and funny ways. Instagram stories have a feature of adding questions, polls, and other related data to ask for opinions about new launches. Or just asking for their reviews about your services or new products. 

This is like a one-on-one interaction that will help your customers know about your brand. In addition to that, it will act like a human touch. Making your customers close to your brand emotionally. Other than that, Instagram Stories also use reaction sliders to ask them if the content is as per their taste. 

Countdown Begins

It is one of the most recent features of Instagram. It’s the best way to add any announcements about sales or competitions. Anything with a timer induces thrill and excitement. Making it more user-friendly. Keeping your customers or users glued to your brand. 

In short, you have a lot of options to choose from in order to increase your audience engagement and sales. But, you must have the desired spunk to enhance engagement exponentially. If you are unable to find the right strategies for your brand, consulting an Instagram promotion company in Nigeria will help you in the long term.

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