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September 26, 2019
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Image SEO- How to Optimize Images For Search Engines?

“A picture is a poem without words”- Horace.

Images have a different kind of charm in them. That attracts thousands of viewers at a time. And their importance shoots exponentially when you trying to attract potential users to your blogs or online magazines. Writing is an art and images are like icing on the cake that improves your chances of reaching the target audience by multiple folds. 

Reason: Best user experience guaranteed. 

But, why is that?

Everyone has a smartphone in their pocket. People are always ready to post images on different social media platforms. Thereby, making us a part of a generation that believes in images or clicks more than words.

Still thinking whether or not to adopt such strategies? Well, If you are an owner of an online store, press release, or are running a Facebook or Instagram business page. The following are some added benefits that imply you should start investing your time in understanding images and their SEO

  1. Blogs with images attract more than 90% of total views. 
  2. If you add a picture in a press release, the percentage of views increase by more than 40%.
  3. More than 50% of consumers choose a website or a blog that uses images in local SERPs.

Now that you have included images in the blog. So, optimizing those images for SEO becomes essential. But, before starting with the next stage of image SEO, start with finding the right image for your blog, articles, or landing pages. 

Finding The Right Picture

Experts suggest using original photos, like the ones that you click yourself. Instead of going for stock photos. Your website needs actual pictures. But, if you are thinking of writing an article, stock images will definitely be helpful. 

Relevance is the key to posting the best images. That will help you find images that are related to your content in the best possible way. Make sure that you are placing the image near the relevant text. If you can’t find original images. Try using other alternatives such as or Unsplash that will give you an opportunity to find unique images that have no copyright issues at all.   

Once you are done with the images, then starts the journey of a perfect image SEO strategy that will improve your chances of ranking higher than before. 

Key Elements For Creating an SEO optimized Image

You need to consider a lot of things before publishing any blog or an article for improving their chances of reaching the right online users. 

Name it Right

It starts with a name. If you want Google to understand what the image is all about, adding a file name while uploading it to your article will help Google to recognize your image faster. 

Right Formatting

It’s like there is not a single answer to this query. Instead, solutions will vary as per your preferred choices. For instance, choose JPEG for larger photos or illustrations and use PNG if you are looking to preserve background transparency. For logos and icons, prefer using SVG format only. 

The Importance of Loading Time

If you want your website to top the charts, it is important that its loading time is less than 5 seconds. A second more will make you lose hundreds of leads in a day. Who can afford to lose such a customer base? So, make sure that all the images on your blogs and websites are resized without affecting the loading speed of the website or the blog. 

Be Responsive

It is important that your images adapt according to different browsers and headsets. Or it will start affecting the aesthetics of your blog. Resulting in a loss of customers or potential leads. 

Reduce File Size 

The next step is to make sure you have a scaled image or compressed it in the right manner. And this needs to be done while maintaining 100% image quality.  

Create The Right Titles 

The image caption makes a title readable for different search engines. As per Kissmetrics, “Captions under images are read on average 300% more than the body copy itself, so not using them, or not using them correctly, means missing out on an opportunity to engage a huge number of potential readers.”

Using alt text or alt title will add a proper description to the image. It’s like an additional summary to make a good profile for your images. 

In short, image SEO makes it possible for Google to read images in the right context. Also, start using images in your XML sitemaps as well to give more credibility to your images. Google images are changing their interface to make images more prominent in searches. 

So, make sure your images are optimized in accordance with your website SEO for enhancing your chances of ranking higher in the search results. Or else consult the biggest social media agency in Nigeria for an expert opinion to raise your bars. 

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