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How to Use Twitter to Market Your Business?

Earlier social media was all about creating personal connections. The sole purpose was to bring the world together. I tell you what, though, businesses took advantage of such a large customer base and started interacting with their audience directly. And now, they are creating devoted brand advocates using different social media platforms to boost their business. That’s the reason businesses are investing so much in finding the best social media marketing company in Nigeria

Sounds impressive, right?

Likewise, Twitter is one of the most powerful social media marketing tools that is helping businesses to improve their online reach. If you go by some statistics, on an average, one Twitter user at least follows five companies. In fact, more than 80 percent of all Twitter users have mentioned a brand name in one of their tweets. However, if you want to succeed on Twitter, you must stand out more than your competitors. 

Think I’m exaggerating?

Let me show you how Oreo cookies made their name using Twitter despite their size. They regularly interact with their followers by engaging them in friendly banter with other brands. For instance, they challenged Kit-Kat over a game of tic-tac-toe over twitter. 

Their engagement tactics make browsing through their feed even more entertaining. Their efficiency in engaging users within 140 characters or less is utterly enticing. Similarly, you can also add an “X-factor” to your brand by improving their experience with your brand online. So, here we are, helping you to create successful strategies to leverage the power of Twitter to drive your business. 

Keep reading, and you will know. 

How to Use Twitter For Your Business?

First things first. You require an exemplary Twitter marketing strategy. That will be the baseline from where you set the foundation of a successful social media marketing journey. So, it’s worth spending your time researching and creating one. Mostly the strategies surround the content that you will be planning to develop, publish, and distribute. After all, the content will be the only source that will engage your users to convert. 

And that’s not all. The same content will help you to grow your brand’s awareness. In short, if you want to keep your leads and sales growing, Twitter will help you to create the awareness it requires. However, if you don’t have any idea, consulting the best social media marketing company in Nigeria might help. Here’s how you can develop an effective Twitter marketing strategy. 

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Research is The Key 

Twitter is a platform where you can analyze your competitors and what they are up to. That way, you can quickly gather information about your competitors to create one for yours. Questions like “what are they doing better?” or “how is their customer-service performance on this platform?” will help to create a highly effective strategy. 

Understand Your Audience 

Experts always advise brands to maintain their identity when considering social media marketing. Likewise, while creating a strategy for your brand, you need to remember your customers and their preferences as well. If you don’t have any idea about your target audience, no matter what you do, you won’t ever get the desired attention. 

Come Back And Check Again 

Social media marketing is not about posting all the time. One must come back and audit their strategies, as well. If you want Twitter to be an effective marketing strategy, you need to inspect your profile from time to time. That’s how you see if you are moving in the right direction or not.

Again, remember twitter updates regularly. So, you must be aware of all the changes and keep working on your strategies accordingly. Now that we discussed how to start a Twitter marketing strategy let’s get this show on the road and look for some critical steps that will help to power your social media strategy for your business. 

How to Create an Outstanding Twitter Profile For Your Business?

First and foremost, you need to customize your profile. I am sure you will never want your potential customer to walk away only because they saw a Twitter egg as your profile image. Make no mistake about it. You can’t lose your customers with such a silly mistake. So, start by uploading a compelling image for both the banner as well as profile picture. While profile pictures are mostly brand logos, you can use your creative skills with the banner of your brand’s profile. 

It is incredibly critical when you are starting on a new business. For instance, there are many Twitter handles, and some of them might be of a similar name to yours. Another thing is that you must always update your pinned tweet regularly because it is the first thing that your audience will see when they visit your feed. 

Furthermore, refine your profile’ description, website link, and location. All of this will help your customers to understand your business better. Once you are done with all the preliminary stuff, get started with the other critical elements. 

Adding Valuable and Customer-engaging Content 

Value is what buys your customers’ trust and loyalty. It is similar to creating materials for other marketing strategies such as blog posts, articles, press releases. Keeping the buyer’s persona in mind is what you need to develop successful inbound content. The idea is to make your customers feel that you are talking to them directly. 

In other words, conversations matter when it comes to targeting customers using a social media channel. For that, ask yourself if your tweets are advancing the idea of either entertaining or educating the audience. Again, don’t forget that the purpose of Twitter is solely to connect and hold conversations. And if your content can spark a conversation, you will soon lead your niche. 

The best social media marketing company in Nigeria advises using the character limit wisely to get the maximum out of that. For instance, multimedia tweets get around 150 percent more tweets. So, you can try mixing your content with images or videos. Get this. No one would like to say “same words or CTAs” repeatedly. You can also use Gifs when video or pictures don’t stand out. 

But wait, there’s more… 

You can also start using your Twitter chats and ask questions directly about your brand or industry. You can also set up a Twitter chat by using an original hashtag for everyone to use. 

Optimizing Content to Enable People to See it

Now that you found your way of producing valuable content, the next step will be making sure that your audience sees it. You can do that by using different strategies. To begin with, you can start using hashtags to spread your content. However, you must be careful about the number as too many of them might come across as spam. So, stick with one or two relevant tags. You can also use hashtags that people are already using when talking about a service or brand. 

Other than that, you must know the frequency of tweets that will help your brand to grow. For example, more than 90 percent of companies tweet more than once a day, with more than 40 percent tweet approximately two to five times a day. However, the audience is not on Twitter just to talk about your brand all the time. So, don’t clog your feeds with irrelevant content. You can also experiment with the time that you publish your tweets. 

Engage With Your Audience 

It is vital to engage with your audience. So, tagging them and responding to their comments is a great way to hold a conversation. You can also introduce hosting giveaways to get your audience involved. It’s no brainer that you need customers and followers to improve your brand image and popularity over the social media channel. If you don’t have any tactic to lure your customers, sharing your doubts with the best social media marketing company in Nigeria might be useful. 

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We’re not through yet. 

Although many companies use the channel to improve their brand awareness and talk to their customers directly, a lot more try to leverage the platform using its paid tools since they have a better chance to feature into the users’ feed. You can set up your budget for daily campaigns and power your business with more leads and eventually sales. 

And once you are done with the planning and publishing part, move ahead with the tracking step. Here you will measure the results of your performance. It will help you to understand if your strategy is working or not. Experts advise focusing less on impressions and follower count. Instead, check how many people clicked on the link that you tweeted. And how many did help your business goals? 

Final Thoughts 

Setting up a twitter account is easy. All you need is a Twitter handle, a picture, a username, a bio, and you are good to go. But, it takes time and an interactive audience to build your brand’s name on this platform. And if you are still among the few companies that think Twitter or social media marketing is a waste, here are a few reasons that will force you to think otherwise. 

  • Your competition is already there.
  • It’s great to market your ideologies and offers free of cost.
  • Twitter can help to spike your sales.

So, whether you are new to Twitter or want to start using it as a medium to boost your business, the best social media marketing company in Nigeria recommends never to buy followers, and go mobile. Also, adding a Twitter widget to your website will improve your brand’s image. And lastly, if you start embedding your tweets on the blog, it will come across as a genuine attempt to allow users to engage with your brand easily.

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