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Social Media Tips to Incorporate in Your Social Media Strategy
December 18, 2019
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December 31, 2019

How To Use Instagram Stories Effectively

It is next to impossible not to have heard about Instagram stories. This highly engaging medium, if used correctly, can be extremely helpful while promoting your brand. It is one of the most important features of the web to date. It helps maintain the momentum of the brand, and with a billion users worldwide, it is a goldmine for capturing a new audience.
Instagram is also one of those platforms which only works if you constantly update it. So, there is an effort, but it pays off with a boost in sales at the end, so, on can’t really complain. 
Here are some of the best Instagram story tips compiled by the top Social Media Agency in Nigeria for making your path through Instagram stories much easier.

Create Relevant Content On A Regular Basis 

A good rule of thumb when it comes to learning the ins and out of Instagram advertising is that they are temporary collaterals and give a lot more breathing space than other platforms. You can be a little more casual in your approach. A natural unfiltered story will always work better than a polished story on Instagram. 

Create a video demand by assigning different hashtags to different days e.g., throwback Thursday is a longstanding hashtag. This also makes your audience anticipate what it is that you want to say. 

Hashtags and Geotags Can Be Of Great Help 

You have to appeal to the masses and be able to capture their imagination. This is a little difficult if they can’t even see you. To increase discoverability, use the correct geotags and hashtags. They also help you gain followers as they help your content reach the right audience. But, you have to be extremely careful about the hashtags as they need to be relevant and not bring in traffic that is irrelevant to your search. 

Look Beyond Photos and Videos 

Instagram runs on creative expression. Which is why they have an entire mode called create mode. IG stories help you move beyond photos and videos, to create text-heavy backgrounds(type), speak to your audience directly via live streaming, record videos that will play the last frame first (rewind), take their opinion(polls), and so much more. 

You have the ability to explore various formats and see what works for your audience.

Time Your Stories

Just like most things that are online, there is an ideal time to post and another not so ideal. You must have seen this with personal stories as well. There are specific periods in which, if you post, you will end up with more views. In business, this becomes even more important to follow. Stories that are uploaded between 9 AM to 11 AM perform better than almost all other times.

Use Stickers 

One might think that things like stickers are slightly juvenile.In the case of Instagram, they are anything but that. They can actually help your content stand out. The tiny graphics have the power to enhance the story you are conveying to the audience. It is also an excellent way to express emotion via a post that does not involve a person. 

Don’t Forget About Analytics

The advent of Instagram analytics provided you as a business the ability to see what exactly is working and what is not. See and figure out what posts of yours got the most attention and also additionally see why they worked. The metrics provide you with a comprehensive view of the impressions, reach, and the behavior of your audience. This also tells you how many tapped through, replied, and bounced away. 

It is a business at the end of the day, but with Instagram, you have the leeway to enjoy yourself while creating. When you create content, remember to keep an open mind, experiment, and create content that you would love to watch and share. If you need help, the top Social Media Agency in Nigeria is a good place to start your business strategy.

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