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How To Make Use Of Google Trends To Boost Your SEO?

Today, the top digital marketing agency in Nigeria do not rely only on third-party tools and search volumes of Google Ads. They focus on Google Trends for getting meaningful insights into the demand for search and their market.

By using advanced searches on Google Trends, you can proceed to superior results with your SEO campaigns regularly. Use the following essential tips in your SEO toolbox:

Plan For Seasonal Demands

Seasons impact all industries and not just the retail sector. For instance, search volumes for the automotive industry can ebb and flow by nearly 70% from one month to another. The travel industry is another example of seasonal changes.

Make use of Google Trends for predicting seasonal demands for search terms or keywords related to your business. You must plan ahead to exploit such trends at the right time. You can discover hidden opportunities in search trends applicable to generic keywords.

Exploit Trends and Gain Fresh Content Ideas

Users post more than 2 billion blog posts every day, and companies are seeking new and relevant ideas for content. By identifying a trend, not only will you post relevant content but gain an advantage in Search Engine Results Pages from the start.

However, it is not easy to catch a trend wave. To take the first step, find a trend that is relevant to your business. Search for relevant keywords and make use of the Google Trends related topics section. Set the term ‘rising’ for the identification of possible trends that are very helpful for creating content.

Grasp Geographic Trends

Nearly 80% of consumers make use of Google search while searching for local information. Trends begin from one area at a time. So, it is also natural that general interest in product swings between regions geographically. If you are able to spot comparable local trends for search terms related to your services or products, it is good to capitalize on them with local campaigns and content like that for SEO services Gold Coast.

Be wary of fads, and you must check whether a trend is still in an upward direction before the investment of a considerable amount of resources on such trends. It is vital to set the date range to the maximum for getting a realistic projection of demand in the future. If you view only the last few months or weeks, you may be tricked by a fad with its short term swings. Steer clear of wasting time, money, and effort on fads through checking on Google Trends before investing in big projects on your website.

Identify E-Commerce Opportunities

Formerly, traditional retailers fought shy of moving online for operations. But with the emerging power of the digital world, they have charted a new course of moving online in a big way. In 2018, the retail industry bought up 23% of all mobile ads. Google shopping was still the leader in terms of expenditure on Ads. So, you can narrow down Google trends results only to Google shopping searches. Such a filter can be used to explore trends for searches, which have mostly triggered the tab for Google Shopping and its related retail searches.

Update Content

Freshness is a factor, which impacts 35% of searches when rolled out. Ever since it has been a regular feature of SEO; search engines have updated nearly every top 10 results on any search term. The reason being, both search engines, and users value fresh content. So it is good to update content right on time for high seasons of demand for every search term. In this way, net users will have access to the freshest content.

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