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How to Get my Business on Google?

You run a storefront in Lagos. And your marketing strategies are as such, targeting the whole of Nigeria. Will it work in your favor? Will you receive the desired number of customers as expected? The answers to both the questions will be “NO.” You cannot win customers in Lagos if you are trying for Nigeria. 

So, starting with exceptional local SEO strategies is what you are actually looking for. And there is no other platform better than Google my business to help you reach the right customers. It’s like you are actually taking your offline store to your customers and making them aware of the services and products you are into. But, a lot of businesses are still left wondering about a lot of queries that usually holds them back. For instance,

  1. What is Google My Business?
  2. How to set up Google My Business?
  3. How to add my business on Google?
  4. How to list my business on Google?

Don’t worry; we will answer all your queries. But, before that, make sure that the information on your listing is accurate and correct. Optimization is the key when it comes to creating a Google my business account. Once this is sorted in your head, let’s move ahead with the real business right now. 

How to Set up Google Business Account?

Creating a business listing is very much simple. Follow the steps given below and make your inception on Google. 

  • Make an account associated with your business. Don’t make another if you already have one for your business. 
  • Then, go to google.com/business and choose the “start now” option available in the right-hand corner. 
  • Then enter your business name. 
  • Then, enter your correct business address in the space provided.
  • If you don’t want to show your address publicly, you can choose ‘hide my address” bar and use only the area. 
  • Then, finally, select the delivery area. 
  • Choose your business category. Try to use the most accurate one so that you tell Google what are you trying to do. 
  • Now add your phone number or website. Then, verify your business.

You have practically created your profile on Google now. Hang on!! Things are not over yet. There is a process of verification, yet to be completed. So, how to go about it? Well, the next part of the article will give you all the information. 

How to Verify Your Website on Google?

There are many ways to verify your GMB listings. The bottom line is Google needs to know that you are a legitimate brand. After all, Google is also a business that works to make things better for its customers — decoding the ways to get your business verified on Google. 

Verifying Business Using a Postcard

First, sign in your business account on Google. Then, make sure your business address is correct. Add a name to whom the postcard will be addressed. Then, choose the mail icon. The postcard will reach you within five working days. Once you receive the postcard, go to your account and select “verify now” and use the verification code provided in your postcard. And submit. In case your postcard never shows up or you lose it, then you can always request a new code also by clicking on the “request another code”. 


Verifying Business Using a Phone Number

Google lets some businesses authenticate their websites using the phone as well. If you are eligible, you might see the option “verify by phone”. For that, make sure the added phone number is correct.  Once you receive a verification code, add that code and submit. 

Verifying Business Using an Email

Some businesses have a chance to verify using an email as well. If you are eligible for the process, choose the website that you wish to get verification for. Then, like the ones above, make sure your email address is correct and click “verify by email”. Then, see for the verification link in your mail. Once clicked on that, you can verify your business easily. 

Instant Business Verification 

If your business is verified with Google Search Console, it will be quick to get your email verified. If you use the same name that you used while signing up for a search console, your mail will be instantly verified. 

You can also go for bulk verification if you operate in more than 10 locations and add them to your GMB listing. 


Google My Business is a new way to introduce your business to the online world. If you are listed in there, you will be able to make a good marketing strategy for your local store to the right customers, instead of the ones whose probability of becoming your customers is negligible or minimal. 
You can make your GMB profile more engaging by using your store’s photos and customer reviews, thereby making it possible for your business to engage more users organically. You can also add social indicators to make your profile more legitimate. You can also consult the best social media marketing company in Nigeria for relating social media to your business online.

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