Why is Every SEO Guy is Going Crazy About Quora
Why is Every SEO Guy is Going Crazy About Quora?
September 4, 2019
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September 13, 2019

How Is Artificial Intelligence Going To Change SEO Forever and For Good?

The robots are coming for us, and escaping that rope won’t be easy for anyone. 

Especially for the Search Engine Optimism businesses which are busy preparing for AI since long.

Do not worry; there will not be a robotic apocalypse, machine killing men; AI is just revolutionizing the businesses. 

We already are using machines which are capable of thinking all by themselves. 

AI has given them the power to think, speak, listen, and take actions what else can we ask for, right?

But how SEO? Allow me to explain;

What Do You Think Google Spider Is?

Google spider, SEO’s favorite pet is Google’s way of checking new websites and redefining the previous ones.

It is an AI tool, using which Google determine if your content is valuable to a visitor or not?

Webmasters Google claims that they change their algorithm each day, twice. 

But the truth is, the need for valuable content, and new information is what Google Spider is after ever since. 

 Although Google is getting more severe on the thing, thanks to Google’s new AI, keyword stuffing, and cheating is taking a hit. Keyword stuffing will change forever with new AI technologies. 

Google spider will become more human-like.

Voice Search

With devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo, humans did reach new heights of voice search. 

As per comScore.com, by the end of 2020, 50% of all searches on the internet will be voice searches. 

Ever since the introduction of Apple’s Siri, we need voice search, we loath for it now. 

AI is the Jesus nut of the helicopter of voice searches. Thanks to which now we need to get our websites voice search, supportable.

If your website does not support voice search, then SEO will be a distant dream.

Visual Content is Going to be a Hit

You must be feeling the change already; the success of Instagram is already a big clue for it. 

People hate to read long written content these days. Why spend 20 minutes reading a content, when you can get the information in five mins via video?

Now, when the AI’s sole mission is to act like humans, visual content will obviously have much to offer. 

Videos, infographics, and images are going to bag high rankings, keep that in mind for your new website. 

Eliminating black and Grey Hats

SEO is plagued by these two unethical techniques, where companies cheat Google for ranking. 

In black hat SEO, they are cheating the search engine directly. But in the grey one, they only manipulate the algorithm of search engines slightly using swore off methods to gain better ranking. 

Many experts believe that better AI will curb these both foul practices, giving people the information they desire. 

So, yes more Google penalties and a hell lot of shutdowns are waiting for us in the coming years. 


So, this is it, all about SEO and how AI is going to transform it in the coming days. 

Are you confused about what to do about it? Consult the best social media marketing company in Nigeria; they will do the job for you. 

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