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Google’s GMB Tips to Help Medical Experts Attract New Users

The Covid-19 outbreak led to a global lockdown. Active cases accelerated to more than 700,000 cases with more than 30,000 already. And the numbers are still on the rise. On the other hand, thousands of businesses are forced to close down. And that too without any contingency plan to strike back. Even the biggest social media agency in Nigeria feels the heat of such a sudden lockdown. However, different governments are launching measures to combat this global public health and economic crisis. 

It starts to feel like,” BOOM!!! You have been hit.” 

So, the world finally understands the potential risks of Covid-19. Therefore, to make it less dreadful, governments are putting in massive efforts to improve the capacity of the current healthcare system quickly. While, at the forefront, the focus is mainly on providing ventilators, building medical supply stocks and protective equipment, Google is doing its part in helping patients and other individuals to find the best healthcare providers nearby. 

Want to know more about Google’s update? Keep reading, and you’ll learn Google’s GMB tips for healthcare providers. 

Why do Healthcare Providers Need to Sign Up For GMB?

Everyone is talking about Google’s new help document to help medical experts get started with GMB listings. But, why is it critical in times of public health crisis? Well, it’s no brainer that individuals require healthcare experts, be it primary healthcare providers or specialists. However, visiting a clinic unannounced could put you in a potential danger along with others. So, that’s the reason everyone is stressing upon going online. It’s not a necessity for only people. It’s equally essential for healthcare providers as well. 

It’s because that’s the only way people can find you. And how is that? Picture this. You want to buy an essential commodity, and you can’t go out. What will you do? Of course, search online and see the stores offering home-delivery services. The same goes for doctors. If anyone wishes to see a doctor without exposing themselves to the deadly virus, they will search for online doctor consultations. And if you want to connect to these patients, you need to have an online presence. 

And Google My Business or GMB will help you reach your potential patients quickly. That’s why Google rolled out a help document specifically for doctors, therapists, and other types of medical practitioners. Google is emphasizing the providers to add details like telemedicine so that people can have information about the medical experts who are providing online consultations. 

Still not familiar with the idea? Let us help you with Google’s GMB tips. 

GMB Tips For Healthcare Providers 

Google highlights the following Google My Business features for the healthcare providers to attract new patients. First and foremost, it asks to manage your information such as hours of operation and contact information. And include services like telemedicine, house calls, diagnostics, and procedures. Then, they mentioned about uploading photographs to show patients what they can expect, in case they have to visit your clinic or emergency center. 

To do that, a service list can either manually entered or provided by a third party. Along with that, one can provide a description and a price as well. Providers can choose what to include from the suggested type of services and can add their own customs services as well. If you don’t understand the technicalities, talking to the biggest social media agency in Nigeria might be helpful. 

Engage with Patients 

Google asks healthcare professionals explicitly to use Google Posts for keeping patients updated about any new event or offers or health events. Since it might get tedious to manage a GMB profile, you can assign this task to someone who can update your profile regularly.

Uploading Photos

We do not mean to upload photographs of your services. It can include anything related to providing education regarding your business. For instance, one can talk about the symptoms of the Covid-19 virus through pictorial representations so that their viewers remain well-informed. 

Help Patients Stay Home

The primary purpose of Google to mention all these guidelines is to urge healthcare providers to provide every information online so that people don’t have to leave their places in such a public health crisis. Again, social distancing is the key to keeping people safe. 

Final Thoughts 

Google is making sure to help its users amid the moment of crisis. And for that, it provides details about using the GMB profile and how it will surface in search results. It shares that factors like distance, relevance will determine whether or not your profile will appear in the SERP results. So, make sure to include different info such as website, directions, phone number, customer reviews, photos, and a summary about your practice. And if things feel a bit complex, you can consult the biggest social media agency in Nigeria to help you come up with the search results.

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