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Apple To Pay $113 Million For Deliberately Slowing Down iPhone
November 21, 2020
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November 23, 2020

Google Signs Copyright Agreements With French Media For Use of Content In Search

Alphabet’s Google on Thursday said it had signed “some individual agreements” with several French media after months of dispute over the sharing of revenues gotten from the display of news in search results.

It added that it aimed to reach a framework agreement with the country’s print press lobby by the end of the year.

Signatories to this deal include top French dailies Le Monde, Le Figaro and Liberation, as well as magazines like L’Express, L’Obs and Courrier International.

The statement follows a court ruling last month that ordered the company to open talks with publishers in France about paying to use their content.

Struggling news outlet have been angry at Google’s failure to give them a cut of the millions it makes from the ads displayed along with news search results. But Google had initially refused to comply with the copyright deal saying media groups already benefit by gaining millions of visits to their websites.

But later went on to say;

“This advance allows the press in France to be paid in accordance with the law of related rights according to objective, transparent and non-discriminatory criteria such as the contribution of the medium to political and general information, its daily volume of publication, its monthly audience on the internet, as well as the use of content on our sites” said Sebastein Missoffe, CEO of Google France, in a blog post. No financial details of the deals were disclosed.


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