June 28, 2019
Five Simple Instagram Hacks For Your Business
Five Simple Instagram Hacks For Your Business
August 10, 2019

Freshest Marketing Tips For Startups, To Make it Big In Coming Days

In this blog, we are discussing the best, top marketing tips, for every marketing agency in Nigeria. 

So, if you want to grow your business or want to divert more traffic to your website, read this blog.

Well, let me tell you something at the very beginning that you already know, marketing is an ever-changing world.   

It changes in a snap of the fingers, and some aspects are changing even quicker than that. 

Therefore we need to keep ourselves updated on the matter. 

Content Is President

Yes, they have changed it, content is not the king now; it is the president. 

The world of marketing has overthrown the dictatorship of content and keywords choosing Engaging Content the president. 

Now, your website must have content that means anything, rather than one with shiny keywords and stuffed links. 

Your content must give the reader value for his/her time. Some things haven’t changed, but most of them are changed. 

The process of link building is more robust than ever, and Google now has a voice-search option too, work, work work!

Voice Search 

You speak and Google types for you, then searches for you as well. This is the whole process of voice search.

Forbes claims, as per Google, 50% of all the web searches will be voice searches by 2020. 

Also, as per an estimate, 30% of all the searches by 2022 will be screenless. 

So, if your website doesn’t have this feature, you are falling out of a vast pool. 

As we talked at the starting of the blog e-marketing is an ever-changing scene, you have to learn to evolve with it.

Let Them Share Your Content

There are 70% chances that if someone finds something interesting on the internet, s/he share it on social media too.

At times people do it to spread information; at others, they try looking smart, that’s how they’re sharing clever stuff.

But wait! Does your web page even has the option of sharing on social media directly?

Social media share buttons are must for every webpage these days. Your website needs that like a hungry person with bread needs teeth.

It will ensure free publicity, free traffic to your business. This is actually how things go viral on the internet. 

Let Me See that Payment Structure of Yours

Let me see that payment struct of your website. Hmm, that’s what I thought, no cash on delivery, this small mistake is killing your business slowly. 

Every marketing agency in Nigeria should now that many people in the country are still bank-less. 

People do not trust online transactions even now. Hence they choose COD or Cash On Delivery. 

Also, many Nigerians prefer making payments through cash for privacy reasons. 

If your website or business doesn’t have this option, please consider adding it.

They Are AI Ready

Many may feel that Africa is still not ready for AI, but I beg to differ. Africa is so prepared for AI that they are already there, using the heck out of it. 

Artificial intelligence is when we use machines, to serve humanity by giving the robots ability to think. 

Nothing apocalyptic will happen do not worry, we are thankfully not living in the terminator movie series. 

Try using AI to promote your business and abracadabra; the traffic will pour in.

Let that sink in

Okay so, these are the strategies which every digital marketing agency in Nigeria should use to get results.

We are in this together, you follow our instructions, and we will keep on bringing good stuff for you.

This is the whole point of this blog section; keep connected. 

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