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July 26, 2018
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Steps to boost social media productivity

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Productivity On Social Media

Despite the ever-increasing number of social media lately, employers get worked up on their employees caught up on their social media accounts during work hours.

In this article we would be giving you different steps on how to make social media a productive tool for you. So even if you are at work, you could increase the productivity with social media though it might take away your main task at work but these steps will help make your social media more effective.

These Five Steps Include:


#1 Social Media Breaks

A study that involved over 300 workers, with 70% using the internet to surf the internet, check websites, including social media and news mediums showed a 9% increase in productivity.

This break increases the productivity as it refreshes the mind off pressing issues in the office. The employee gets the opportunity to update themselves on what is happening outside their work place. Social media breaks provide a way of tackling pending issues with more concentration. It can be a source for fresh ideas and different views on their work matters.

Breaks improve the vigilance in performing at work by bringing back attentional resources. It also improves the employee for more effective decisions in the future and develops a better coping mechanism for workplace stress.


#2 Establish Social Media Presence

A company can increase their productivity through their online presence which is advantageous to the company. To increase productivity with social media employers need to look at the best platforms their employers are good on. For example, an employee who likes to tweet can be a good source for sharing the company’s information online.

This serves as a strategic marketing tool to identify target markets who can bring the most profit to the company. It is an avenue for feedback to improve the services and products and also client to customer relationship. Social media is the best way to target customers more effectively than the old ways of marketing strategies. It reaches a wider audience, cost efficient and flexible to meet the needs of customers.

Social media has helped companies save millions to make their products known to the public with the help of social media over the traditional marketing  methods.  Feedbacks gathering increase productivity with social media use at work. Proper use of feedback maintains customers and builds trust and loyalty of the consumers to the product service.


#3 Competitor Research

Another way to increase productivity on social media is by learning more about your competitors in the same industry or field as you are. This knowledge about your competitor is vital for one’s progress and development. The advantages of doing a competitor research helps increase productivity by checking on the type of content your rival posts on social media accounts and know the content that brings more audience.  You can take a look at their likes, comments to know what interests the customers.

The company can also use this data and analyse certain themes popular at certain periods of time in relation to a particular demographics.

Using influencers is really important for your business, these influencers made it to the top of the social media world in their respective niches and have gained a huge number of followers doing so. These followers get to believe whatever these influencers tell them. So as a company you should know how to get the attention of these influencers.

Competitor affiliations are really vital to increase productivity at work. The affiliations may be other competitors, or influencers and possible customers. It helps one anticipate any possible trends or even failures to look out in the future.


#4 Disseminate Information

This way of increasing productivity is disseminating information to the public or audience with the use of social media to share information faster and easier. It gets to reduce the expenses of the local unit to make the people aware of the information.

Infographics are the most effective ways to share information to people. A simplified, attractive and effective communication tool since one can customize the content with relevant images and data. Giving updated information is convenient as they can attach links and pictures to the posts that they create online.


#5 Employee Retention

Keeping a hold of your employees is one of the ways to increase productivity on social media. Appreciating the performance of the employees through the company’s announcement on their social network to keep the employee motivated. They are glad the company acknowledges their efforts and also they get to achieve their goals as well.

This makes them feel closer to the company since they are being placed on a good connection for a job well done and improve the company’s reputation online.

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