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August 6, 2019
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Five Simple Instagram Hacks For Your Business

Instagram has become a huge favorite of the social media optimization experts in recent times. 

And for all the right reasons, Instagram is growing strong with each passing year, as strong as Facebook, hands down.

Check these statistics, as of June 2018, one billion people were actively using the photo-sharing application. 

500 Million users log in daily onto Instagram, means the same number of leads are waiting for you; if you play your cards right.

So, there are the hacks that can open the door of opportunity a little wider than your business rivals:

Let Them Find You

It is simple math; if they can find you easily, they will contact you more comfortable. Let me ask you first, did you have any idea that field of “name” in your bio is searchable?

You can use this “name field” to target your business’ keyword. By adding the focused keyword, your chances of appearing on the Explore page multiply by tens.

Manage Multiple Accounts From A Single Device 

When while using a computer or a laptop, different browsers will do it, but on mobile, it is a pain. Okay, open the application, now tap the gear icon on it. 

For android users, you’ll have to tap on the three-line icon from the top right corner. Now, please go to the bottom of the options and tap on the add account button. 

Put in your username and password> You are good to go.  

Schedule Your Posts in Advance 

This is the backbone of most of the startups in the market. 

For a fact, the majority of the startups cannot have social media experts working 24X7. 

Some of them do not even have even a single social media expert; their HR do it for the company. 

You can use the social media scheduling tool for scheduling your post. Also, if you have a business account, other devices may help you. 

Link Building on Insta

Link building here means, making connections, with other people. Instagram stories are a great way of engaging people. 

Nonetheless, we do not always have great stories cum highlights to share. 

Hence, here is what you can do; you can share other people’s content on your stories. 

Let the person know via a message that you are sharing his/her story and s/he must feel free to share yours too. 

Hit them Up

Knowing that what you are sharing is reaching to the maximum number of people possible is a great hack. 

Well, on Instagram, you can do it by using the insight option. 

Via using the insight option, you will get accurate information about when and how many of your followers are active. 

Not sure what to do with all that data? The most prominent social media agency in Nigeria might know, but whatever!

Let’s End It

So, these are the five simple Instagram hacks for your business, that will take it to the sky. 

If you are a social media expert chances are that you might already know these things.

However, if you are not, it is time to hire one. 

We all are not blessed with the sense of what might go well on social media, that is the reason SM experts are so important.

Social media marketing is the best thing that can happen to the digital marketing system if used well.

Are you?

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