how to user user-generated contentv on instagram
How To Use User-generated content (UGC) On Instagram
November 2, 2020
Jack Ma’s Ant Group IPO Suspended Causing A Huge Loss.
Jack Ma’s Ant Group IPO Suspended Causing A Huge Loss
November 4, 2020

Falsely Edited Video Of Joe Biden Gets Over 1 Million Twitter Views

A falsely edited video of Joe Biden, the US democratic Presidential nominee, at the presidential rally on Friday was released on Social Media.

The video which made him look like he wrongly called the name of the state he was addressing gained over a million views within 24 hours.

Joe Biden, at a Presidential campaign  on Friday at ST. Paul, Minnesota did address the crowd correctly saying, “Hello, Minnesota”. But, the clip was edited so the sign behind Biden was changed from “Text Mn to 30330” to “Tampa, Florida”, making it seem like he was at Tampa, Florida not Minnesota.

A supporter of President Donald Trump posted the video on Twitter, throwing shade at Joe Biden for taking to the stage and saying “Hello Minnesota” which Joe was actually right.

On Sunday, Twitter labelled the video as “manipulated media” and the video was deleted by the user who posted it, but at the time, it had already gotten over a million views.

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