Social Media Content Strategy For Your Brand
September 25, 2018
Social Media Better Off Than Traditional Media
September 25, 2018

Facebook used to be a social platform for mostly students which has now turned into a network of over 1 billion users around the world that has changed the way people interact with the online world. Businesses have been slowly, over the years, taking advantage of the enormous potential of this enormous social media network more efficiently over the years.

Strategies For Business Success on Facebook

Facebook platform is a crowded space, with more people and brands trying to make noise than ever before. Facebook tries to focus the noise for an individual through its News Feed algorithm, bringing content to the people it feels is relevant for them. So for your business to stand out on Facebook, it has to be interesting and also make sure it adds value. So, how do they achieve this?

Content is Key

Content is a very pivotal part when it comes to your business succeeding on Facebook because everything your business gets to post on Facebook falls under ‘content’. How users interact with your content is important as it will impact how that content is viewed by the News Feed algorithm. Everything you post on Facebook is an opportunity to increase both your brands reach and engagement with potential customers. We recommend using both images and video on Facebook, both of which will improve engagement.

Timing and Targeting

When you post your content plays an important role in its success or failure. It is important that you know what time of day your audience are most active and focus your posts on these periods. Take your time to consider the phrases you use to create posts that are particularly engaging for your audience. Many Facebook users check a site during lunch breaks or while relaxing after dinner at home, do a survey and know what time is right for your audience.

Engage Your Audience

Engaging your audience means building your business presence on Facebook involving conversations with your customers. People want to interact with brands and the type of conversations you have with them will impact the way your business is perceived. Only you can establish exactly what is right for your brand and business in terms of the voice and personality you choose, however, in the early stages we recommend you stick to safe responses that are quick and address customer concerns.


A large part of building your brand is your potential customers trusting you and making sure you are for real. Bad use of English can damage your credibility hugely, also the responses from your customers can make or break your brand, all efforts should be made to ensure you get this right. Any sources that you use or share should be thoroughly fact-checked before being shared and links should be safe for users to click through to.

We recommend a list of Facebook tools you could use for your business properly;

Facebook For Business

This is a portal that is tailored to help business page owners by offering support for page creation, Facebook Ads management and other resources that will assist you in making the most of your page.

Facebook Page Insights

This offers easy to digest data that is specific to your business page, telling you who your fans are, where your fans are, and how much your fans and others are engaging with your page and posts.

Facebook Ads

If you have the necessary resources, you can boost your content with Facebook ads. They can be tailored to reach who you believe to be the right audience for your content and offering.

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