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August 21, 2020
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August 31, 2020

This post centers on evading Digital marketing tricks and ploys. Digital marketing is all around us. Things like online video, apps, virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, motion graphics, chat bots, web design, UX design, social media content and social influencers are hot topics. Not just because they’re awesome, but because they work.

Brands have acknowledged that going digital is more cost efficient, reaches wider audiences, more effective, produces a higher ROI, and offers advanced targeting. Many traditional agencies and their brands have recognized the potential of digital. But how do you determine when something is actually beneficial to your brand and their audiences.

Evading Digital Marketing Tricks and Ploys
Evading Digital Marketing Tricks and Ploys

Digital marketing opens up a world of opportunities, but knowing what to do and what not to do will make a huge difference in the success of your content

Click Bait

Click baits is everywhere, and consumers are on to it. Social media, search engines, and even news sources are using click bait to increase readership and engage new users. The problem with click baits is it often over exaggerates facts, is misleading, or straight up lies. If you want to lose your audience’s trust, use click baits.

Usually when a user clicks on your story, banner, or ad, they are being drawn in by the title or headline. It is an exchange between marketer and consumer. An exchange in which the customer is trusting the advertiser to deliver what they are being promised.

If your content doesn’t relate to what the title or headline introduces it as, viewers will not be happy. An unhappy customer translates to a lost customers, a lost customer translates to a loss in revenue, so choose your titles wisely.

Hashtag Mishaps

Hashtags are important to create buzz around your brand, gain new followers, and stay current. Whether you’re creating your own or using existing ones, hashtags can either act as the foundation of or augment your marketing campaign in a great way. But, if hashtags aren’t thought out, they could result in #disaster.

You don’t want hashtags to be too long. Also, make sure that when joining words together, you use capitalization when necessary so they won’t be misconstrued as something else. Hashtags can also be used in high volumes or used sparingly.

Understanding which hashtags to use, and how many, takes practice. Just make sure it works for your brand. You don’t want to get swept into an area, or niche social community, where a hashtag is being used for something specific, or something negative, that you don’t your brand to be aligned with.

VR, AR & Apps

Lastly, and most importantly don’t use new tech just for the sake of using new tech. Augmented reality, for example, can be a great tool for storytelling, increasing audience engagement, presenting content in an interesting way, creating memorable interactions, and more.

As for virtual reality, brands like Samsung and Mercedes have successfully used VR in their marketing to demonstrate product attributes, communicate their brand’s mission, and immerse users.

The key is to make sure you’re not turning to VR or AR because your strategy is weak. Rather, these platforms should be used to strengthen a campaign in a way that makes sense. That being said, creating a VR or AR experience also shouldn’t be an afterthought.

There are a lot of things to consider to create a successful VR or AR experience that audiences appreciate. That goes for apps, too. Not everything needs an app, so review whether putting the time and effort necessary to create one from scratch is worth it.

The world of digital presents wonderful opportunities, new ways of reaching consumers, exciting new platforms, and endless possibilities. Be bold and try new things, just be sure to do your research, evaluate what makes sense for your brand, and create content with your audience in mind.

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