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Best Social Media Outreach Tips You Should be Using in 2020

Social media has become an integral part of people’s life these days. It also provides a good platform for companies to increase their businesses. We are surrounded by brand names all the time. Look around your house, from your toothpaste to perfume, every item has a brand name. These brands use social media platforms to promote their business. Almost half of the users use social media to search for a product. This makes it even more important to learn social media outreach techniques for 2020 to boost your business. Top social media agency in Nigeria gives you many tips to promote and increase your outreach on social media.

So, here are some of the best social media outreach tips that you should follow in 2020 to boost your business.

Know Your Target Audience

You must know who your audience is when you are looking to grow your social media outreach. The work and efforts you make should be focused on the people who may be interested in your business and product. The specification is important, but do not limit yourself. It’s a big market and you should keep looking for new gateways to increase your reach. Evaluate how your social media is reaching people and who are your followers or customers.

Choose The Right Platforms

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, twitter, snap chat, etc. can be used to reach the audience. But you should know how and what platform to use for your business. Undoubtedly, Facebook is the biggest platform with around 2.2 billion users in 2019, but its reach is a bit less. Though, you can use it to strengthen your relationships with consumers.

While Facebook is best suited if you are targeting people over 25 years old, if your audience is a bit younger, Instagram will be perfect for you. Instagram is the best platform if you are targeting teenagers, and if your product involves visuals. 

Many other platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn can be used to spread your brand to a larger audience. These platforms have users of different ages and backgrounds, and you can use these platforms to maintain communication with consumers.

What’s Your Goal?

It’s very important for you to know what your goal is. You should be aware of why you are on social media. Whether you want to increase your sales or make your brand famous. Your aim should be specific and realistic, which can be attained within a time-bound. Assess your progress every month to see whether you are reaching your goals or not. Keep modifying your goals.

Make a Strategy

Strategies are important if you want to connect with your audience. Do your research on your business and then make an effective strategy. To achieve this, you need to start with understanding your target audience. See, what appeals to them and create look for a method to create content that connects with them.

Make a Schedule of When You Have to Post

You have to be regular on social media, whether you are posting about your new products or showing what goes behind the scenes of the production. You have to be constant to connect with your audience and maintain communication. This depends upon the platform you are using. Every platform has a different style and way of working, so find a way to keep the normal quantity of posts for the social media platform you are using. 

The time of your posting is also very important. Your post needs exposure, so upload when the number of users is highest. 

High-Quality Content

Quality matters more than quantity. Whether you are posting images, vides, or text, keep them organized and thoughtful. You have to make sure that they reach the customers in a manner that intrigues them. Good quality content attracts new audiences too. You can add some humor or something unique to make your content distinguish from your competitors.

Know What is Trending

Trends keep on changing or evolving, and using the reference from those trends can be really beneficial for your business. Do your research regularly, don’t get stuck on the old trends. Use hashtags, visuals, and content according to what’s trending at the time. Look for mistakes other brands have made in the past and take notes from them.


Growing your social media game can boost your business growth. So, don’t hesitate, even if you have to pay to promote your social media platforms. Top social media agency in Nigeria will help you grow your social media outreach in 2020. The promotions will be focused on your target audience. Also, keep in mind the analytics of your previous posts before promoting your social media account.

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