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August 14, 2020
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August 21, 2020

In this post, I will be talking about 6 e-commerce strategies to beat your competitors. Devising an effective E-commerce website requires well-planned B2B E-commerce strategies. The landscape of B2B markets is changing every day and so bridging the gap between the market place is what makes an E-commerce site stand out.

Therefore, as a good E-commerce company, finding out the ideal purchasing experience that customers are looking for is very important. It has to be linked to ongoing improvements in your E-commerce site to lead it with more sales.

6 E-Commerce Strategies To Beat Your Competitors

Inducing key improvements in your E-commerce website is the key to stay in the competition. Some of these improvements are outlined below.

Build a Mobile Responsive Website

A recent survey by Google predicted a number of aspects of the B2B industry. More than 53.67% of the B2B E-commerce market is mobile responsive. Amongst them, 90% of customers who have an impressive mobile experience with an E-commerce site are likely to purchase from the same company. This means a poor mobile responsive site will make you lose the sales and lead in the market.

Providing an optimized mobile experience is very critical for a B2B business. It also improves a website’s ranking on Google’s search engine as its algorithm uses mobile friendliness also as a ranking method. Improving page loading time, legible text and images, small screen friendly content and delivery mobile-specific features are some ways to make an E-commerce site more mobile friendly.

An E-commerce Site Video

A video content is a great form of marketing for any B2B company. It aids in increasing conversions and sales, trustworthy customers, improved search engine ranking, more users and engaging visitors.

If you are targeting a Nigerian market, videos are a great way to sell your product. 62% of Nigerian users prefer companies who consider video format as a means of B2B E-commerce marketing.

Having a Mobile App

Purchasing and tracking products from a mobile app is one of the best E-commerce strategies . It reduces friction and improves conversion ratios by streamlining the purchasing experience. For companies who want to make a name in the B2B E-commerce world, the mobile app is the best way to do so. While designing a mobile app, lever the push notifications by including a CRM (customer relationship management) component and release products with the fast and amazing user experience.

Customer Friendly E-commerce Functions

Engaging customer experience is a key B2B online strategy. There are certain website features that improve the customer experience and even multiply the sales and revenue generated by a B2B company. One of such features is saving items in your cart so that a user can switch over and pick up from where they left. Adding multiple products in the cart at the same time streamlines the purchasing process thereby increasing the average order value.

Keep On Updating Your Website

Improvisations are also one of the key aspects of any E-commerce development company. Updating your product lists, adding new items every now and then, and checking what part of your site a customer enjoys are some ways of retaining your loyal customer base.

Therefore, check for the ongoing trends in the market and make your website available to them.

Reward Your Faithful CustomersThere are a number of online market spaces available for customers to choose from. While you are focusing on turning visitors into customers, do not ignore the existing customer base you have. Coupons, extra discounts, and great services are some ways to keep customers. Rewarding customers enhances their trust and makes them

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