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July 31, 2018
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July 31, 2018
ways to use twitter for your business

Twitter for business

Twitter For Business

In this article we would be sharing 5 Important ways Twitter can be of help to your growing business and making sure you follow the steps. There are over 500 million people on Twitter who tweet each day, who would have ever imagined that, while a monthly 336 million users surf on Twitter.

5 Ways To Grow Your Business On Twitter:

As a small business owner, Twitter can be utilized to get new sales or reach your potential customers; read on below to see the ways to use Twitter to grow your business.


#1 Observe Your Audience Using Twitter

This step is just talking about you listening to your customers’ feedback; know what their questions are and what they are talking about regarding your products. With Twitter analytics you can easily understand the angle your customers are coming from.

Also you can research on hashtags or topics using the Twitter search. It can be used for different purposes which includes searching on your niche’s audience. So with that hashtag you can get to know what your audience can relate to, the other hashtags that are also related to your niche too can be seen.

Another piece of this puzzle is in the next step.


#2 Let Your Images Tell The Story

Adding images to your tweet is one of the successes you can have on Twitter. Using images is not restricted only to Pinterest and Instagram, you can also use Twitter to make people interact and engage with your post.

Every business or brand has a unique way of doing this either by asking questions in their images or triggering an emotional response making people to want to respond to that post and start sharing that image.

Storytelling using images does not just keep your audience wanting to know more you can get to know how you can use these images to effectively form a story.

Do not make your posts look spammy by just posting too much, that would make people not follow you. Make sure to fascinate them and catch their attention.


#3 Use Video On Twitter

Video marketing has shown over the years it’s effectiveness. People would rather watch an engaging 2 minutes video than read an article of over 1000 words shared on the social media.

There are many ways to use videos on Twitter. For example you can make a video to your audience with a personalized thank you message for engaging with them or asking questions through Twitter video.

There are many ways to share a video on Twitter either by importing a video directly to Twitter to share or use Twitter’s live stream option.

In conclusion if you want to reach a great influencer for your brand or probably someone that has been a good engager with your brand, a Twitter video is a great way to make a direct contact with them.


#4 Participate In A Twitter Chat

Twitter chats are very interesting and the rate of conversation is very high too. This engagement leads to a loyal customer follower or audience and also a chance to network. This makes Twitter chats much more effective compared to other forms of interaction with your audience.

This way you would get to know your audiences views and questions too because people look forward to such kind of interactions.


#5 Use Live Streams Platforms Connected To Twitter

Live streaming provides a very unique experience on Twitter. It opens doors to a lot of opportunities due to the high engagement that it offers. Brands use live streaming for question and answer sessionsor webinars.

But before you decide to go into live streaming you need to research on the different platforms that will suit your target. Each platform has its own unique functions so make sure to educate yourself on all platforms before using them.

Twitter is overlooked as a marketing platform due to the rise of other social media sites however, it still proves to be one of the most effective social media platform.

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