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5 Benefits of Email Marketing For Small Businesses

When it comes to businesses a lot of people fail to realize the benefits of Email marketing for them. With Email you can reach thousands and millions of people without necessarily getting to know them personally.

According to studies, as of 2019 more than half the population of the world use email, and this number is expected to increase up to 4.3 billion by 2023.

From the statistics above, this is actually a great opportunity for businesses whether large or small to reach new clients or target audience no matter where they are in thw world. Email marketing allows you to make your messages personalized to each customer making the customer feel special. Also when it comes to digital marketing, Emails have more benefits than what other social platforms can offer.

Daily your competitors are sending out emails to their potential and existing customers, now would be the best time to join this bandwagon. Here’s another interesting statistics, 85% of the new generation say they prefer to use email to communicate over any other method and this will increase more once they get jobs.

So lets see the benefits of having Email Marketing as part of your digital marketing plan:

1. Email Marketing is Cost Effective

Yeah, I know you would like the sound of that. For small businesses who are on a budget prefer to use email to reach to customers making it a better choice than traditional ways of marketing like TV, Radio etc.

It is economic, cost effective and easy. No matter the new changes that occur in the digital marketing world in years to come, companies would still keep using email as part of their means of reaching their target audience. Most small business get to pay and use email automation services making their marketing effective and time intensive.

So being a small business looking for a way to reach more people with a small budget can start implementing email marketing campaigns and grow their subscribers.

2. Personalized and Customizable

When it comes to email marketing, you get to personalize and send your customers about a product or a new discount and even get to add their names individually. According to research, the emails that the recipient’s name is included are more likely to be opened.

Email marketing is very good in building relationships with prospects, leads and current customers because you get to speak directly with them and build trust. It does not need to be spam, once they do they could unsubscribe and we wouldn’t want that.

3. Reach Mobile Customers With Email Marketing

Well I guess this just had to be in it. The rise in the number of mobile users are increasing everyday, in fact the number of mobile users worldwide is expected to surpass five billion by 2020.

About two-third of emails are being read on smartphones that is to show you how effective email marketing is a major means to help businesses grow and reach their ideal target. Every time a consumer checks their mobile devices it’s an opportunity for a business to engage with that customer.

With that in mind, you have to provide your subscribers with the option to view html emails or emails with visuals. The images or videos used should be small to easily load and the viewers won’t end up loosing interest. And also let your emails for mobile users be short and straight to the point, if there are links added let it be able to be clicked on and lead users to a mobile friendly page.

4. Email Marketing is Measurable

Using the right email marketing software, you can measure the performance of the emails sent and also see analytics. One of the essence of hiring a digital marketing company is to be able to measure results, another reason why your business should be using email marketing without having to do any guess work.

These analytics will give you the ability to see who opened your emails and how many users opened, if they were converted to buyers and also get to see how many unsubscribed from your list after viewing the mail.

5. Trigger Actions

When you get to send out emails you should be expecting your recipients to either reply, forward, sign-up or buy from the email sent. You can always use it to drive traffic to your website which can also lead to sales.

As a small business you are sure to see results as long as you deliver value to the customers.

These are the benefits of using email marketing as part of your digital marketing campaigns and if you want your brand to be successful by 2020 you’ll need to start considering growing your subscribers and email list, knowing the kind of content to post that your subscribers would get a lot of value from.

If you are looking for a digital marketing company to handle your email marketing campaigns and get your leads and an email list you can contact us today. Our team of experts are ready to work with you.

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