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August 28, 2019
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August 30, 2019

4 Skills You Can Learn Off The Internet For E-development

What is not on the internet today, right? Every darned thing can be found here. The right stuff for the right people and bad for bad are here we will discuss the good ones today.

We all know the economy is slow these days and people losing jobs, left, right, and center. Companies are offloading the extravagant weights. 

Every boss is looking for all-rounders, people who can do it all, employees with eight limbs. So, before it is too late, you should also learn a new set of skills. 

So, here is a list of 4 skills on the internet:


The first one must be hard. Whether you want to pursue a career in the field or not, knowing a few coding tricks is always handy. 

And coding coves so much these days, SEO, A.I., creating content, creating a mobile app and a hell lot more. 

For this skill, Codeacademy is your best option. Why? Because they let you practice the darned thing right there. 

Interactive learning is one of the many plus points they have to offer. What I like about them the most of the fact that we can learn in use languages here like, PHP, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, and Python. 


What you can do with Photoshop we do not have to define here. It is the best thing that can happen to humanity after the invention of fire. 

With people getting smarter, free stock images lying around on the internet are garbage now. 

They all need something new, and what else can make something new than a person handy in photoshop. 

Good editors are valuable for all the companies. You can learn some bitchin photoshop skills via YouTube videos. 

There is a volume of channels present on YouTube that are genuine. 


Search Engine Optimism, it is safe to say, will not die anytime soon. Every business in this world is spinning on just one point, traffic, be it E or physical (customers).

And SEO promises the same thing to businesses. SEO is straightforward for people who can think critically, once you get the basics of it.

If you have the brains for it, go to Google Webmaster Central Blog. Google is talking about SEO in lengths these days via its YouTube channel too. 

Learning A New Language 

Learning a new language is always handy, and one should still learn it whenever one should. Luckily now, one can always do it. 

Duolingo is the perfect website to learn basics about any language. They have, all the leading languages, including Mandarin. 

And if even if English is not the first language, you can learn it too. Tests, there are various activities on Duolingo, and they can teach you Hebrew also, what else can one ask for?

P.S. They are even teaching Klingon. 

Fading Away 

I love you 3000! Now you get it, good. These courses are from probably not so famous names for you. 

Yet, some reputed government-run universities are also offering free online courses. 

MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, University of Texas, to name a few. Go, join some, people working at the top social media agency in Nigeria are learning it from there too. 

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