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January 9, 2020
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January 21, 2020

Top 4 Instagram Marketing Strategies Every Business Should Follow

Instagram has more than 800 million monthly active users. Thus, it’s a great platform for businesses to market their products and services on. Hiring a reputed Instagram promotion company in Nigeria can help you connect with new customers & drive their sales wheels.

For better results, you should analyze your target audience & post the right content that is relevant to them. How could you do that? Let’s discuss the top 4 Instagram marketing strategies that actually work.

Switch to Business Profile Now

Before you design your Instagram marketing plan, make sure you switch your account to the business account. It’s very easy. Just go to settings, and click “Switch to Business Profile”, and done. There are many benefits of having a business account. Your followers can get in touch with you by clicking the contact button, just like they do on your website. You don’t require the Facebook advertising tools for publishing ads on Instagram. Moreover, you can easily see stats about total impressions, post reach, etc.

Know Your Target Audience

Just a simple question – why are you doing marketing efforts? Just to attract new customers and strengthen your relationships with the existing ones. Thus, posting the right content is necessary. How could you do that? By understanding your target audience comprehensively. Remember, you may create awesome pieces of content, but if they don’t appeal to your audience, all your efforts go in vain.

You can use Instagram Insights to check impressions, reach, website clicks, video views, saves, etc. This will help you know what your followers come from, their age, gender, etc.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are important. Because they help people find content easily. Imagine you create amazing content, but you won’t get results until it reaches your audience. You can do a comprehensive research related to your industry, and include the relevant hashtags in your posts. Remember, never overdo it—four to five highly targeted hashtags are better than thirty random ones. In case you want to go more creative, search for hashtags your followers use, and use them in your posts.

Use Beautiful Visuals

For Instagram marketing, posting great content is important. You need to engage with the audience and keep them come back for more. Try to post more visuals than text. Because the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text. And, 93% of the purchase decisions are based on visual appearance.

Have an underlying theme, get something that inspires your audience beyond just product information. Usually, there are 6 content types that work—user-generated content, contests & giveaways, behind the scene photos & videos, motivational images, influencer content, DIY projects & relevant solutions to daily life problems.

To sum up, Instagram is a go-to place for image sharing and has millions of active users. Switch your profile to business profile to get access to a wide range of free tools. Spend extra time to understand your audience and create highly targeted content. Use relevant hashtags to make your content easily searchable by the customers. Prefer using more visuals as the majority of the people make buying decisions on visual appearance.
To design effective Instagram marketing plans, contact a trusted Instagram promotion company in Nigeria.

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