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July 31, 2018
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July 31, 2018
Social media marketer needs these twitter hacks

Twitter hacks

Twitter Marketing

As a marketer you need to know a few Twitter hacks to improve your Twitter marketing efforts. The number of active monthly users on Twitter increased by only 4% but the daily active users went up by 12% over a year. Twitter reported its first ever net profit revenue increase by 2% this means Twitter is still a big player in social media.

Firstly, you need to understand and learn to leverage out all of their features, so that you can use them on a normal basis to be as productive as possible.

These Twitter Hacks are as below:

#1 Using Twitter Advanced Search

By using the advanced search there is a lot of information you can gather by just using the search button. This feature is neglected a lot but is one of the fastest way to know more about Twitter. Its feature includes searching:

  • Based on a set of words
  • for hashtags
  • for people and accounts
  • for tweets from a particular account or trending topic
  • for tweets from a certain location

This trick is very simple and you would get to save a lot of time doing other stuffs. You can use this Twitter hack to search email addresses of people also. You can also search on individuals based on an industry, follow and interact with them regularly.


#2 Keyboard Shortcuts and Follow Lists

This Twitter hack saves time when you are in a rush by using Twitter keyboard shortcuts. The other Twitter hack that will help you use Twitter to access only the information that you want which is Follow list. This list helps in grouping users together based on their interests and personalities. This Twitter hack will also help you see what they are tweeting about and give you the opportunity to join.

For example make your own list of 50 people you think are celebrities, or influencers or even regular followers. Then make a private Twitter list that you can use to engage with these individuals daily. You can also try and test your popularity by checking any public lists that you have been added to and start working on things there. You would get a lot of exposures and credibility from followers.


#3 Twitter Chats and Hashtags

This Twitter hack might become one of your favorite Twitter hacks and are actually one of the best things ever. Hashtags should be part of your marketing strategy that will help keep you organized.

In choosing a nice hashtag it should stay short and concise, memorable and also a unique one too. If you make them too complicated people might not get on with it. This Twitter hack needs you to know when most of your followers are online by setting a date and time.

Put in mind that you need a team to practice these Twitter hacks properly and to prevent any problems like having your hashtag stolen.  The more you use these Twitter hacks the more you will gain followers, reputation and engagement.


#4 Twitter Analytics

Twitter analytics is free and is a great way to take advantage of the opportunity. Although it can be a bit difficult to handle your overall impressions as a brand whether its a profile visit or single tweet.

It is very important to keep up with your Twitter analytics though a lot of people don’t know its actually free; Twitter analytics can give you great insights into data like: your average tweets, reach of your tweets, most influential content, influencer followers.

So as a brand you shouldn’t just have a Twitter account, you should also keep track of your analytics of what works for you and what doesn’t. This Twitter hack helps you understand what your followers actually want and know what brings you impressive traffic. Check if their tweets about your brand are going in the direction that you want them to. Take the information you have gathered from the analytics to tackle issues and provide solutions.

I hope these little Twitter hacks are sure to get you rolling in quickly. Take your time in setting up a Twitter account and follow these hacks effectively and be sure to see a drastic change in the way your brand or business is seen on the platform.

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