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November 13, 2019
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Social media definitely has had both positive and negative impacts on the society from hate speech to cyber bullying and so on. But there has been loads of positive and great feed backs on what social media has helped people achieved.

On social media, we spend close to 2 hours on any of our favorite platforms either tweeting, liking, sharing new trends or latest news. With over 40% of the world population on social media it shows that in next few years to come there would definitely be a massive increase in users.

Below are the reasons why;

1. Social Media Gives Us a Voice

On social media we all have freedom of speech, we can share how we are feeling, tweet about the latest happening in the country or share a new food recipe people are yet to know of.

Basically you can express yourself however you want to, it’s not like the traditional way of media like newspapers, all you have to do is log in and share.

2. Creating Communities

With the use of hashtags on social media you can create a group or community of like minded individuals that have a goal or target, where you can discuss a particular topic and share ideas with even getting to meet in person.

These communities make you feel safe and not get bullied or say your mind about your feelings. People tend to provide support to those in those groups in whatever little way they can.

3. Learning New Skills

With platforms like Youtube, teens and younger ones can learn new set of skills off of their passion easily without going to any classroom or meeting a tutor in person.

This helps them to earn even still with their parents even before they get an offline job.

4. Easier Communication

Facebook, Whatsapp and Skype has made communication a whole lot easier for both millenials and the older generation no matter the distance. One can keep in touch with families or long time friends with just a push of a button.

Even if you are someone with a very low self esteem you can still feel connected with thousands of people around the world.

5. Job Opportunities

It’s nothing new on how people have used social media to make a living, for example I wouldn’t be writing this article if not for social media being a way of earning.

Platforms like YouTube has made a lot of talented people famous, people earn from just uploading videos or basically just offering a service. These are just a few things mentioned, the job opportunities on social media is just endless.

6. Helps In Spreading News Faster

You can literally travel to another continent and still be in touch with what is happening in other countries in the comfort of your home or office. News spread faster these days whether it’s on politics, weather report, or sports.

The best platform for this is Twitter, with over 328 monthly active users but it can sometimes cause or trigger false or negative headlines but just as quickly the fake news can be put out.

7. Engaging with Customers

Most businesses can easily communicate with their customers on any of their social media platform in which they can ask questions or share ideas on how they can better their service. In turn the customers can easily message any company to lay a complaint about their service. Social media has helped a lot of businesses.

8. Social Media Can Benefit Mental Health

Social media helps people to share their thoughts and how they feel without revealing their identity this leads to expressing themselves without fear.

You can get high on emotions with what is being shared online but it has created a pathway for better communication.

9. Saving Lives

Lives are being saved on social media by spreading awareness of a new way to prevent a sickness or an infection or things to do to reduce stress (for example)

This makes people not to feel alone knowing they aren’t the only one with that stigma. With this anyone can be motivated to live better and see things differently and feel safe also.

10. Global Market Place

With the rise of online shopping on mobile apps it is easier for new and existing customers to buy and show interest on new products that they like.

It is also a way for the owners of these pieces to sell their works eithers tailors, or small business owners with having a physical shop.

So there you have it, asides the negative things about social media, the positive out weighs the negative and a lot of people have benefited from the use of social media to make a name for themselves. You can share your thoughts in the comment section also if you are in need of an agency to handle your social media do send us an email (

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